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DIY projects!

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Hey Ladies,


 So of course like many of you we are trying to save money im trying to do as many diy projects, is anyone else doing any and what? My projects have already stared getting married in April 2013 YAY!   Painted  boxes for my guests to put reponses in from the  questions i wrote, I see this is the new guest book ideas. I also bought card stock and is stamping away questions on them. Im already over it hahah so much time but def worth it!  Also im looking for templates for gift tags and ideas for fun OOT bags.



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Congrats Michelle! and welcome to the forum :) sounds like you're already off to a great start, and are sure to find more great ideas + suggestions here !

Wishing you all the best with your research + planning process, and have a great wedding in Apr 2013! Cheers :)


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For OOT bags, I have borrowed a lot of ideas from the threads :) So far on my list is:


Magazines/word search/crosswords

Cards/beach games






Postcards- stamped and addressed to us, instructing guests to send us their favorite memories once they get home.

Sleeping mask

Maps of 5th ave



Alka seltzer

Bloody Mary Mix

Beach towels with monogram

Shower poofs

Roll up straw beach mats

Spray bottle fans

Hair ties

Hand sanitizer


Shout wipes

Nail file-

Gatorade singles (powder)

Room key holder



Band aids

Personalized door hangers

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