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  1. Hi! If you look in my gallery of photos I have pictures of mine. I did black table cloths, so it wasn't very white! Did a fiesta with a mariachi band and the mexican buffet. Doubled as our rehearsal dinner. It was poolside at La Esmeralda. Our reception was in Gabi Club.
  2. I used this custom chevron aisle runner at my Playa del Carmen wedding. It is beautiful! 42" X 32' I paid $190 to have it made. Will take offers.
  3. Hi Ladies! I have 9 of these Mexican blanket serape table runners that I used for my welcome BBQ dinner/rehearsal dinner. I will take $5 each or best offer plus shipping! Size: 10" wide x 7' long assorted colors
  4. @@asabatino Yes, I have tons! Chose these three so you can see Gazebo, centerpieces and bridesmaid bouquets. Let me know if you'd like to see anything else!
  5. @@asabatino I budgeted about $4000 for my flowers. The best advice I can give you is to ask Cecelia for the flowers that are in season and native to Mexico. Share your budget, and tell her the shape/size/color you want and see what she can do. That helped me a lot. A lot of flowers like hydrangea are not native and depending on when your wedding is, out of season. I had my heart set on peonies, but they were going to be outrageously priced so I just put that out of my head. Good luck!
  6. @@asabatino are you using JSAV for DJ or bringing someone else in? Outside vendor fees are $1000 per. I HIGHLY recommend using the room block with a travel agent. If your guests book through expedia, then you will have to track down the info for each person to provide to the resort. It's just one hassle off of your list when it gets close to the wedding. @@asabatino I believe my equipment rental cost was around $2000 (including a TV to play a slideshow).
  7. @@asabatino I'm so sorry, I do not, but I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  8. Yes, I agree totally. I was able to release rooms up until 2 months before my wedding. The room block is the best way to go. For one, the hotel requires you to fill out a form with all of the arrival and flight information for the guests (which the travel agent will give to you, rather than having to hunt down all the info from your guests, and therefore removing one more thing from your to do list). Plus, you get the free nights credited back to you, and I got a free 1 hour cocktail party for all of my guests included! Plus room upgrades that we were able to give to our parents as a special thank you. Please call Wendy Hicks from Wright Travel (she is on here) and she will do such a great job for you. She made my life so much easier. She also provided me with updates on who had booked periodically.
  9. HI All, I have 8 white maracas with shake at the kiss tags attached by peach raffia. It would be easy to swap out with a different color ribbon if you wanted to. Looking for $10 for all. PM me if interested! Thanks!
  10. Things that were a hit: Personal Misty Mate misters Beach bags-everyone used them Hangover kits informational booklets (we made a brochure on Vistaprint with all of the events mapped on the hotel map) Hair ties shower poof gatorade singles Weren't used: Self addressed and stamped postcards with a request to send your favorite memory (this was a sad one...was hoping to get them all back and make a book...only got 5 back). Glad I didn't sub this as the guest book as I originally intended! Key card holders Cups for drinks (the hotel cups were large enough)
  11. Hi Ladies! Just a bit of advice for those of you having legal marriages here...I did not pay for the translation, but received it anyway. Upon bringing it to DMV, they told me that they could not accept it for a name change, and that one of their DMV approved translators had to do it for $34-$40 (Paradisus wanted to charge hundreds FYI). They will give you a list of people that can do it at DMV. This was in New Jersey. Hope this helps!
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