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Adding Vendors to review section!

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Hello all! I'm hoping to find some help with adding some vendors, especially my photographer (also,my butterfly/dove release and marraca vendors and maybe some sites where I bought favors). When I click "add" I am told to contact an admin. I know from previous experience to navigate the help section first (the tutorial on adding content was deleted when I clicked on it). When that fails, do a search (i did find one other thread asking the same question, but no one responded to her and it was posted a while ago, so I tried bumping it). So, this is my next step before contacting an admin directly. I want to make sure I follow the rules and not create to much clutter on here :-) I really want to review her! I found her through another bride's (Joanna and Lance) review in the old reviews and would love to give other brides a chance to experience her craft. I have a few of her pics in my boudoir review (posted back in the old review style) and in my resort review, but as she's not the resort's photographer (i hired her from the states and she has her own company), it would be hard for anyone to find her on here unless they were looking at that resort. Plus, I havn't posted my awesome TTD and romance photos yet and the review would be a perfect place. Thanks to anyone who can help or direct me to the right answer in advance!

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we no longer have the option for members to add vendors.  we had problems with people adding non-relevant vendors just to put a link up or spam the forum.


if you would like:


If your resort or wedding vendor is not listed, please pm me to add it with the following info:


1. full business name

2. logo or picture

3. business description


once it has been added, we will send a link to their review page.


Please note, these are manually added by interns (which we do not have at the moment) and are low priority for us to add so it might take some time to get them up and going.  we are way behind on this and have a waiting list to do this.

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