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Where in Punta Cana to get married??

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Hello everyone!


My fiance and I know we want to get married in Punta Cana but are having a difficult time deciding which resort to get married at.  We are leaning towards an adult only all inclusive resort in October 2013.  How did you all decide on a resort, and what was the deciding factor??  Thank you so much for helping!!

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We decided on the Iberostar Punta Cana for Oct 2013. It's not adults only, but there is an adults only resort part of the Iberostar chain if that helps.

We went online and did a lot of research on what the reviews were like based on selloffvacations.com and tripadvisor.com. We also found a great travel agent who had been to the Iberostar chain and also found lots of advice on this forum as well.


Hope that helps a lil,

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What's your budget should be the first question.


I just got back from a wedding at the Bavaro Palace Deluxe, I don't want to piss some brides off, the wedding was nice but they messed up a few things.  I know my friends were on a tight budget, but the resort screwed up on several things:

-Check in was a disaster for every guest (Bride and Groom stayed in the lobby for 2 straight days making sure their party was taken care of)

-The priest who married them was late and said "I have 6 other weddings to do today so we have to make this quick" - how rude

-The room after the reception was NOT READY!  We had to wait almost an hour for them to have it ready for them


and a few other gripes that were an inconvenience to the bride and groom.  Things to note on this Mega Resort:


-Wifi is expensive

-Towel cards... really?  You lose it, you pay $20

-Check in is a nightmare

-If you cut off your band for the wedding, it will take you 2 hours to get a new one (trust me)

-Service is TERRIBLE

-You have to make a reservation for the restaurants the day prior, you cannot do it sameday, even if the restaurant has 50 tables available

-Did I mention how bad the service was?

-Resort is HUGE, took an hour to find people, and 15-20 minutes to walk to your room from anywhere, people were spread all over the resorts, so it was a pain walking back and forth




My fiancee and I were in Punta Cana, so we saw a few places while we were there, we liked Paradisus Palma Real, but their wedding contacts are BRUTAL in communication, and they do not want to budge on price for anything (80-120 people for a destination wedding is a lot) but they didnt budge so we took them from the list.


We opted for Cap Cana's - Sanctuary, why?


-Resort is BEAUTIFUL (newer establishment)

-The Service is unreal, we just got back last weekend and they treated us like royalty, we also didn't pay a dime, compared to other resorts who provide you with a "credit" towards your wedding (like Paradisus).

-Communication with the resort is great, you send an email, youll have a reply within the hour

-They budged on price on everything we asked for...we literally got a yes on everything we mentioned (surprising)

-Every staff member speaks English (even though I am spanish, but my fiancee's family and friends only speak English)

-It is not too big at all, you are 5 minutes from anything there

-The price is better than Paradisus, as a package and as a whole

-No towel cards

-No arm bands

-The food is AMAZING!  Did you see that's in capital letters...

-No day before resturant deal, not a million people everywhere

-Classier patrons (no offense people)

-Classy employees

-You can also check out the Fishing Village area of the resort


I can keep going....  If you have any questions feel free to PM me.  We were that happy that I had to post up.  If you are looking for a beautiful place to soak the sun, do activities with a more personalized feel do Cap Cana, if you are looking for Casino's, Nightclubs, loud people, bad service, do the mega resorts.  It all depends on what you are looking for, and a lot depends on price.

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Good Luck on your resort choice! Can't wait to see which one you choose.


My FI and I were about to book our venue at The Cloisters in the Bahamas, and we planned to stay at the Atlantis resort.. And then I found The Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana. It was love at first sight!.. lol.. The were just built in 07, I believe. All rooms are very nice suites, marbled, jacuzzi's in all rooms. Instead of having 1 or 2 small pools, there pools are a lazy river type layout that wraps all through the resort. It's all-inclusive, foods, snacks, drinks, even alcohol. :o) Did I mention the prices are amazing for such a nice resort?.. Another plus to me, is many many women are getting married there so there is great support and info here on BDW and they also have a Facebook page just for brides. TONS of info, pictures, anything you could possibly need. They have an adults only section for not much more which includes special privledges, a butler, in room bar, and too many other things that I can't remember.Activities every hour. Ceremony choice of the Beach, Gazebo or even a chapel. Also, you can have a semi private dinner for up to 60 persons for free. Small fee for each person over 60. You should check it out. :o)


The Majestic Resort in Punta Cana

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Hi Congrats!


It can definitely be overwhelming.  We chose the Paradisus Palma Real since we stayed there last year and had an amazing vacation. This was a huge advantage for us because I wanted to be really confident in our decision.  Having family and friends all staying in a place that most likely would please the majority was very important to us.  My FI is divorced with two children so for us the adult only was not an option.  I also have nieces and nephews that are coming :)  It is a very individual decision and there are so many resorts in DR.  I have stayed at 3 and by far PPR was the nicest, great food, great service, and not too big or too small.  Also only two weddings/day at the max.  My wedding coordinator, Lauren has been a pleasure to deal with, returns my emails within a day, and I actually like the straightforward pricing package.  If you can, you should possibly go down and visit some resorts you are interested in.  There is also a ton of info on this website from previous brides and brides to be.

Good Luck!!!!!



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