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Passport STDs (Major Help Needed!!!) Calling all DIY Brides!!!

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#1 kaycag

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    Posted 02 July 2012 - 05:52 AM

    Calling all DIY Brides!!! Hello all! This is my first DIY project of this nature as I am trying to save money but I'm struggling. I don't want to scrap my project over a small formatting technicality. I'm using Aylee's free passport template for my save the dates. I didn't want to get the pre-decorated one because I have a few of my own ideas I want to incorporate into the pages of the passport. I know this isn't a new topic on these boards but I am new to the site. I've done some research and got some great ideas from this site but now that I have gathered all of my info and ready to add it to the template, I have hit a wall!


    I created some really cool monograms and background images, such as visa stamps and swirl designs, in powerpoint but I am having the hardest time adding them to the template. I'm saving my slides in powerpoint as PNG and JPEG and using the copy/paste function to get them to the template but after they transfer, I am unable to formate them. Next I tried formatting them before I saved them in Powerpoint but Word and Powerpoint don't support the same formatting functions. Bottom line, I need help! LOL


    Is there anyway I can save the template in powerpoint (which may be confusing considering powerpoint is slides and word is pages) or save the template as any other format that will allow me to munipulate it more? I thought I was pretty good at Word and Powerpoint, until now! LOL.


    Please Help!

    #2 MissBubbles205

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      Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:48 AM

      Are you trying to insert saved png/jpeg images or the actual pictures themselves.


      I've learned all about the MS Office Suite thanks to my passport invite attempts and other DIY paper projects.. But I'd have to see it to tell you exactly how to do it.. The different version PowerPoint and Word and Publisher don't like to mix real well, but be rest assured that you def can!.. :o)


      I found that using Publisher and Word were the best.. But as far as changing colors to images, I used powerpoint. If you want to email them to me I can attempt to move them over like you like or try to tell you how to do it. Or I'll try to find my old projects and test what your having issues with.

      #3 kaycag

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        Posted 03 July 2012 - 03:44 PM

        For instance, my monograms that I created are in Powerpoint. I saved the each monogram as a JPEG on a seperate slide. Once I go back to Word to insert them onto the template, I noticed that unless I'm inserting it into a text box that I have to create, the image is all over the place. I removed the bird on the front cover of the template to replace it with a monogram I made and it worked after I made a textbox to place the mongram in. I created a background to use, just like the one that comes with Aylee's decorated template but it's very hard formatting it (making it a washout). I'm going to attempt to use the front cover of the template and create my own inner pages if I can't get it to work :(

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