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My DIY Passport DW and Boarding Pass AHR invites!!

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Below are photos of my DIY passport wedding and boarding pass AHR invitations! These were so fun to make and my honey was surprisingly into making these with me!


-I got the templates from ayleebits.com(Passport and boarding pass) and weddingchicks.com(Wedding STDs).

-I ordered the AHR STDs from shutterfly with the $25 giftcard from the Target registry.

-Shimmery paper from Michaels

-a scorer


Then all I used was my computer and printer to print everything out!

Front cover of my DIY passport invites

The front cover of my passport invitations



The next two pages!



Next pages include travel and trip tips.



And finally the map of Jamaica, I stamped a pink heart of the city of Lucea where we will be getting married.



Here are my boarding pass AHR invites, I rounded the corners and cut around the lines.


Once I completed all of my STDs, invites and RSVPs I made myself a little keepsake so I could enjoy and remember the wedding! If you'd like to see more and more detailed directions you can visit my blog!





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Awesome job!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :o)


I was wanted to keep all of our wedding stationary in one place as a keepsake.. Photobox frame was a great idea! I too, will do the same! :o) Thanks for sharing.

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