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  1. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/77248-pink-parasols-straw-fans-mini-beach-balls-wedding-veil/#entry1854997 please see above post for picture. only wedding veil available.
  2. I posted here by accident http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/77248-pink-parasols-straw-fans-mini-beach-balls-wedding-veil/
  3. Hello, I am selling my post wedding items: 4 pink parasols $28 21 mini beach balls $8 this is my real wedding Wedding veil with crystal beaded steel comb $40 This is a two layer veil with hand stitched crystal beading steel comb Shipping from Toronto. If you are interested, please let me know and i will quote you the shipping price. Accept PayPal
  4. omg that's the same day as me! I am getting married April 19th at Sandals Montego Bay that wouldnt work for sharing though..dam it! otherwise it could, if we are not on the same day.
  5. when are you getting married? I am bringing my own photographers from Toronto.
  6. wixx.com is a good one too and its free
  7. i would like 30 of your raffia fans. and how much would you charge for shipping to Toronto,Canada?
  8. so I have booked my catamaran cruise at 5pm after my ceremony at 3pm and 1 hour on land reception. Then board cruise. They will have DJ, snacks, and entertainment for 2 hours. It will be cruising into the sunset, I think that's beautiful
  9. Hi there, is the starfish still being passed around. My wedding is next year April 19th, 2014. Can I be added to the list?
  10. hello brownsugarbride, I hear you, i was thinking that our photographer would be taking pictures through out the days anyways. the dedicated 20 minutes would just be some formal stand together group shots in front of the the beach. But I will definitely keep that in mind when I finalize the programme
  11. Hi AllieH, Thank you for your reply. So the ceremony will last about 15 minutes, the signing last about 10 minutes. If i am doing sand ceremony or some sort of ceremony, maybe another 5- 10 minutes, so I don't think the ceremony last more than 35 minutes. The dock of the cruise is actually inside the resort, so I assume at most 10 minutes to walk there from the ceremony location. The wedding planner is kind enough to have the cruise leaving from 5pm instead of 4:30pm. I dont think I will host the 1 hour reception another day, because the resort is offering me a pre-celebration/ re
  12. Hi there, I am trying to put bits and pieces together, if I can get you girls help, that would be great. My ceremony is at 3pm I am doing a cruise reception at 4:30 for 2 hours. There will be DJ and cold hors d’ouevres are provided Docking back at 6:30 Resort is offering me a private 1 hour cocktail reception for 1 hours with hot and cold hors d’ouevres . so my questions are, where should i cut my wedding cake, where do i do the bride/groom entry (probably at the cruise), where do i do the first dance, speeches....? Also, I think guests will not be full aft
  13. I am flying two down just paying 1 person flight hotel and the other hotel. They will do it for my for free. awesome !! much better than paying $2800 for 4 hours, outrageous!
  14. thank you for all the great tips, I think I have learnt a life lesson through the thread
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