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Originally Posted by JA2012 View Post


For those of you in Canada, Old Navy has their $1 sale on flip flops this wknd. A perfect addition to a welcome bag.

Can someone pls tell me what does OOT stand for???


Hi JA2012, OOT stands for Out-of-Town...here's a link to a lot of the wedding terminology you will probably run across: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/2690/abbreviations-acronyms

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Originally Posted by mthackeray View Post


Hello all you lovely beach brides out there,


I'm wondering if anyone can help me with information on Welcome bags. Is anyone planning on doing this for their guests or am I the only insane one?

I have found a place in Montego Bay that actually does the welcome bags for you and delivers them to the hotel so that guests can receive them once they check in, however I have a couple of extra things that I want to throw into the bags (welcome letter, travel mugs, map of resort and local map, itinerary for the wedding day and a list of "things to do') and am not sure of how to go about doing this.


Do you think that the wedding coordinator would partner in helping me add these things to the bags? I was also thinking of asking the resort to throw in all of the excursion brochures and other brocures as well to bulk it up but given that everyone seems to be having such a difficult time contacting the Wedding coordinator, I'm not exactly sure that they would be willing to help out and I need to figure that out ASAP so I know whether or not to order the bags from Jamaica or if it is going to be too big of a hassel to get help, just make them here and bring them?


Has anyone addressed this yet or is thinking of doing it? If so, how do you plan on doing so...... HELP A VERY CONFUSED SISTER OUT!!!! :)hissyfit.gif


Our wedding planner has told me that the wedding coordinator at our resort ROR would definately arrange to get the bags to guests rooms. I am sure if you contact them closer to the date it should not be a problem! I wish I would have seen those welcome bags sooner, but I have already started buying stuff for ours. I do plan on picking up some "Jamaican touches" like banana chips when I am in Jamaica and add them in the bags for guests to snack on.

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