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2013 Healthy Brides Challenge - "Get Right for the Isle"

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Originally Posted by ChocoTaco7568 View Post


Alight Ladies, Iâ€m officially in! I included my stats and you can see them in the attached.  FYI, I added another column to track Body Fat % and I get this measured monthly.  I care more about this %, than I do about weight in lbs. My hope is to reach my fitness goals by March even though my wedding date isnâ€t until May 2013. My wedding dress is very form fitting and when I go for my first alterations appointment , I donâ€t want my body composition to still be fluctuating when this process starts.






Quick recap on my diet and physical activity. I pretty much went through a 14 month stint were my physical activity was non-existent which is horrible considering that I use to workout 5-6 ways a week. Since the beginning of July, Iâ€ve started the Insanity Workout Series, which I love even though the first week almost killed me.  Also, my Fi and I go on hike every Sunday morning which are typically between 4-6 miles long and range between 800ft to 1500ft of elevation gain. I will start weight/strength training again in August. I strongly recommend incorporating weight training into your workouts. It is a great facilitator when it comes to weight loss and toning up and will have a far more sustaining impact on your metabolism than cardio alone.


So I donâ€t really do diets, but I do believe in eating clean and having 5-6 meals a day and try to be conscience of portion sizes.  I just got back on track with this and I consume 1800 to 2200 calories/day. I have no intention of lowering my calorie intake. Iâ€m ramping up my workouts and need the energy. I am slowly increasing my protein intake to +/- 125 grams/day to accommodate my upcoming weight training and Iâ€m trying to increase my water intake. I only drink alcohol on weekends usually in the form of a vodka press, no beer, wine, or super sweet drinks.


Iâ€m off to a great start, and it sounds like many of you are too. Iâ€m excited to see our progress over the next few months. Good luck and keep up the hard work!

Sounds like you have a really good start.. I wish I could hike that distance. INSANITY is definitely no joke and not for the faint. It's very challenging but it's also a lot of strength training in the intervals, which I love. I'm glad you joined and welcome! Good luck on your journey..

2013 Healthy Brides Challenge...Get Right for the Isle(1).xlsx

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