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We have finally decided to go ahead and book at Casa del Mar. FH is just in love with this place. So I e-mail Claudia at CDM and tell her we would like to go ahead and book for July 22 and this is the response I get.


"So far we are not reserving weddings from July 15 on until the beginning of October... the reason is that we have a major project for our main pool to be done during this period...


If you want I can check if is possible to have the wedding on the beach and beach club reception, but not get to the location through the resort, this way your guests won't see any construction, there is access directly to the Beach Club (Beach and Beach Club won't be affected at all and will be very nice), your guests can use this access (Maye knows this and can tell you more)."


So now what do we do? We have talked about trying to move it up but because my son doesn't get out of school until mid-June and his birthday is June 30, I really didn't want to try to squeeze it between there. And we have several family members that are unable to take off of work during 4th of July. Should I trust that we won't be disturbed by the construction and that there is an alternate way to make it to the beach club?

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That's crazy! Our wedding date is tenatively October 4th and our WC said that Casa del Mar is available. We're leaving next week for our site visit, do you want me to ask when I'm there? And maybe they can show me where the entrance will be..?

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Yep, it was on our list because it's right next door to Dreams and that's where we will probably stay.


We're seeing:

Casa Del Mar

Sheraton Hacienda

Fiesta Americana

Sunset da Mona Lisa




I'll post pics and comments when I return.

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