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Hi all,


My fiance and I have decided to have our wedding at the Barcelo Maya in Mexico's Mayan Riviera in May 2013. Yay! 

I know it's still a long way away, but we want to give guests as much notice as possible, so we have already started to look at Travel Arrangements. All the travel agents that I have spoken with suggested that we book as a group.


Once we have decided which agent to use and agree to an estimate, our guests will have to pay a deposit within a month (in order to guarantee the group rate, hold their spot, etc). When the time comes, my plan is to send out "Save the Date" fridge magnets that will include a link to our wedding website (where guests will be able to find information about booking, etc). 


Now comes the confusing part: I have heard contradicting information about how to go about actually booking a wedding date with the resort. One agent told me that I should confirm the date with the resort before I book my trip, while another agent said that the resort will not give you a wedding date until after they have proof that you have already booked. 


I saw on another forum that the Barcelo will put a date on "hold" for two months. Once you have shown proof of booking, then they will actually officially reserve it for you. So, just to be on the safe side, I emailed the resort a few days ago asking them to put May 9 on hold. I haven't heard back yet, but apparently they are usually slow to respond.


So, doesn't it seem a bit risky to book a trip, make & send out STDs, and move forward with planning before we have actually confirmed that the date we are hoping for is available...? Or, is it a pretty safe bet that they will have a something available that day (or, worse case scenario, that week) and I'm just being OCD / paranoid? 


I want to get the ball rolling and send out STDs within the next couple of weeks, but right now it seems like I'm just going in circles...









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Hi bcbride2013,


Congratulations on your engagement! I would have to say that you should definitely book your wedding date before you confirm your travel arrangements, to ensure that the date is available.  Keep in mind that you must be in destination a certain number of days prior to your ceremony (Symbolic versus Civil have different requirements), and the onsite wedding coordinator on property will be able to advise you of this.

All the best!

~Dani at Blue Petal

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