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DIY: Nautilus Shell Alternative Ring Bearer Pillow

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Is anyone else out there having a destination wedding and using an alternative to the ring bearer pillow? 
I saw these on Etsy and fell head over heels in love!! I just about died when I saw the price of these were around the $40 USD mark (not including shipping to Canada). So I decided to make this a DIY project.  +
What I did:
I ordered a large (5 - 6 inch) Nautilus shell off Ebay (cost $16 CDN) + $10 shipping to Canada.  For US brides, it might be a lot cheaper!!  
After that, I stopped at my local Fabricland and bought half a meter of satin fabric.  This was WAAAAAY more than I needed.  I think I only really needed a foot MAXIMUM.  But half a meter cost me $2CDN, so it wasn't bad.
I purchased stuffing for $0.50CDN (again, didn't use all of it) and ribbon on sale for under $1.00.
Sew the satin into an oval pillow (inside out, leave a gap) and then stuff it.
Fluff it out, position it in the shell.
Stitch your ribbon on the pillow.  
Hot glue gun the pillow to the inside of the shell.  
So for less than $30 for Canadian ladies, I was able to DIY my own ring bearer pillow.  
For you ladies in the states, I can probably guess it would cost you closer to $20!! <3
I apologize for the lighting in my house.  The shell is pearly white, satin pillow is white and the ribbon is champange. Our wedding colours are white, champange and burgundy~

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