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  1. @hylon29 Yes your witness will need to sign your marriage certificate @ajhutch you do not need a marriage licence from Canada to be married in Mexico. It's all done there.
  2. @swabbett From my experience I believe Ana is in charge of everything and she delegates the weddings to the other coordinators. I've heard good things about Paula so I think you'll be ok with either of the ladies. Good luck!
  3. @heather82 I was married at OCT in November. The vendor fee was 300 but well worth it. I think you'll find with most resorts there is a vendor fee. Some of them are 750! So this is pretty reasonable. @swabbett we picked our locations about a month before thru persistence. We knew there were 2 weddings that day to and wanted our location locked in. They will tell you that you don't need to book it yet but just keep persisting and get it in writting @andecker23 you should meet with Ana the day after you arrive. Don't worry she's on top of it as you get closer. You should receive an email from her indicating the time of your meeting
  4. Hi Amanda, honestly hiring Kim at SunLovers was the best decision I made! When things got bad she was right in there making it better. She contacted the resort for me. She has done a few weddings at OCT so she knows Ana quite well. Even visited the resort. I can't tell you what she will charge because he rates vary based on your wants and needs. I'll give you her email. Send her an email and let her know that I referred you. I'm sure she will be more than happy to give you a quote. kcrosby@sunlovers.ca Again for me, it was worth her fee to not have to deal with the stress of it all. Just tell her what you want and she will make it happen. Seriously, stress free!
  5. Hi Amanda, I did not use the resort DJ or photographer. As far as the DJ goes I suppose it's up to you what you prefer. Most brides just make a playlist on their IPOD and use the speakers and IPOD dock from the resort. I did see some other weddings while I was there and did not see any DJ's. All had Ipod's. Sorry I can't help there. As far as the photographer goes I did use an outside one. I read every single post on this blog and a lot of negative reviews regarding the resort photographer. In my opinion it is well worth the outside vendor fee. You will look at these pictures for the rest of your life. They capture your entire day. You do not want to be disappointed. I used Sascha Gluck and he was AWESOME! Great communication the whole time, during planning and on the day. I am so thrilled with my pictures. I really cannot say enough about him and his rates are fair. You end up with a CD of your pictures with all the rights. He gives you every single picture he snaps so you do not have to pick. With the resort photographer you have to pick pictures that you want and the more you pick the more you pay. I get updates from this post still so I will gladly answer any questions I can. I know how difficult it can be to plan a destination wedding and any help is super awesome when you are planning. Have fun! Josie
  6. Hi ladies, I got married at OCT in November 2012. I can answer some questions but not all. I know that they will put your decorations out for you. Yes you will have an appointment with Ana or whoever your coordinator is probably the day after you arrive. They go through everything in detail with you and they are very patient. Just make sure you know exactly what you want and that they get your prices right. I had Angelica and she tried to give us different numbers than she had already quoted us. Thankfully I had all my emails as back up! On the actual wedding day they are great. They are there for the whole thing. I saw them constantly checking to make sure everything was running smoothly. This put my mind at ease a great deal. While the communication before really sucks, rest assured that your day will be wonderful. They really do a great job when it comes down to the actual day! Happy planning ladies! Try not to stress to much!
  7. This is direct from the resort 1) What is the difference between these 2 for legal weddings? TH FIRST ONE.. IS ONCE THEY GET MARRIAGE , EVERYTHING WILL BE SHARING , SUCH AS HOUSE, CAR ETC. 2) THE SECOND ONE .. EACH PARTY WILL KEEP WHAT HAVE.. Please, specify under which marital property system you want to be married a) community property system _______ common law property system _______
  8. Kimandsky I had a civil ceremony in November and it was in English. Not sure if you can add to it though
  9. @jjj127 I am working with sun lovers destination weddings. My planner called Oct and complained about Angelica's serious lack in timing and responses and asked that we work with Ana again. Thankfully that worked!
  10. HAPPY WEDDING DAY TO jdavidso!!!!!!!! @Jjj127 I am getting married on Nov 14th and have just finalized some things today! Crazy! To any future OCT brides I highly recommend getting Ana if you have any control over it. We started with Ana and although communication was slow we always got our answers. Then we were given Angelica and planning became a nightmare. She never fully answered questions and then would ask us about things that were already decided. It seemed she just didn't bother reading some of our emails. Very frustrating. We got Ana back and it has been a true blessing. We leave on Sunday and I cannot wait!!! Super excited!
  11. @Rtoovey your invite is really pretty but I noticed a typo. OCT is in Puerto Morelos not Morales. Also the American Restaurant has had a name change. I believe it called Route 66 now.
  12. @RToovey I have to agree with you. If you have a planner they definitely reply to them quicker than individuals. I hired Sunlovers and Kim is excellent. She has handled every single detail for me, with my decisions of course. They do reply to her far quicker than they ever replied to me!
  13. @ANDREA28 I'm so sorry you're dealing with this! That's pretty unacceptable seeing as your special day is so close! I'm sure it will all work out. We have been given Angelica and I must say I'm not overly impressed with her. I will ask her 5 questions in an email and she only replies to 2 and doesn't give full responses. It's tough when you are so close and you just want things finalized! @JessicaG for me deciding on the resort was the toughest decision. I have been to the Now Jade and it is really beautiful. It's totally a personal decision. It also depends on your budget. In my opinion you need to look at all the wedding packages and figure out your needs and wants and see how it all ties in together. For us we chose OCT because of all the great reviews from past brides, it's beautiful and it fit with ours and our families budgets. Good luck! And happy wedding planning!
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