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Kat's Planning Thread, Lots of pics and info for SGOR brides.

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I got my suspicions when we were vacationing in Cape Breton in the beginning of July. Mike asked me a few questions about engagement rings like how much should it cost and what the best jewellery store is in my opinion. I was slightly surprised that he asked me, but there was nothing suspicious because it was in the context. Other little thing that made me suspicious was when I asked what he will give me for my upcoming birthday and he said that it is a secret. It was weird because most of the time we would just ask each other what we want for a gift. And other thing was that he said that we should go to Omega Park a week before or after my birthday. (We had our first date in Omega Park.) So for the next few weeks I had my suspicions, but also I thought that I am crazy and just imagining things.

So it was Saturday July 23 and we went to Omega Park. We had so much fun there, as we always do.

This time we rented golf cart for an hour and decided to take a ride to the farm instead of walking there, it was so worth it, we had lots of fun. We got to feed cutest little deer and other animals. On our way back to the golf cart rental booth we realized that we still had 15 minutes left so we decided to make another loop around the park and enjoy some breeze.

When we got up the hill, Mike stopped the cart. I saw another cute deer and wanted to feed her some apples. When I was about to get off the cart, Mike stopped me.......

 and said that he has a question for me. 

At that moment every little thing clicked together in my head....

As we know I said yes. 

I was stunned/shocked for the rest of the evening.

He picked absolutely perfect ring, I could not ask for better. I never thought he would pick my ring on his own. But it was complete surprise and I canâ€t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.DSC01541.JPG

My ring:



Our wedding date:

Mike is in army, so it is not that easy to find the time when he know he won't be on duty. We thought of spring 2012, summer 2012 and december 2012. We liked an idea of getting married in a year, but we can be posted next summer, so I did not want to look for a house, move, get married and then I would not know on where to get married. Then december 2012 sounded alright, but we did not want to wait that long!!! And thats when i got an idea that we should just move forward our date to december 2011 :D We knew that not too many people will attend our wedding ( I was sad at first, then I saw bonuses in it). So we decided on December 21, 2011


Our resort:

Sandals Grande Riviera, Jamaica

I always dreamed of getting married in Sandals (not always, but for a few years for sure) :D


More to come!


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So planning had begun!

My dress:





My jewellery: Earrings and necklace seller Casamoda



Our rings:


My ring is 14kt wg 0.50 ctw from Charms jewellers and his ring it 14 kt wg 6 mm from Costco, and we paid 379.00 for his ring! It not possible to be that price. Very similar ring at jewellery stores is for 799.00


My shoes:

I bought my pair of sandals from shoes.com. They are nice and dressy flip flops, but straps are ridiculously long! 


Since I am a shoe addict I knew one pair just would not cut it!

Here is my pair of not so comfortable, but so pretty shoes. I will wear them only in getting ready pics, since I am taller than FI..



Mike suit: We ordered his suit from Studio Suits, I had my seamstress to measure him, and I did not like her measurements, (haha I know, I have issues) But i am so glad that I did not trust her measurements and remeasured him, because my measurements were just perfect for him and suit turned out amazing. I am impressed with quality and price. We ordered White cotton shirt, dark beige pants and suit.



Mikes shoes: We got him a pair of sandals at the end of the summer at Spring, it cost us 25$ 


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Resort info, I hope it will help some future sandals brides, since there are not too many reviews on here:

Sales kit:





Flower's kit: 

I went with MS4 it cost 225$ to upgrade BB flowers to 10 stems is 75$ extra and most other roses bouquets start at 275$





 Wedding form:












Weddings vows with mention of God, the one without God is pretty much the same, but no God. That is what my WC told me.

I chose BB theme and did some additions. I upgraded flowers because i wanted to hold them upright.

I booked bridal Bliss spa for my hair and make up. Also we booked Scents of Love massage, dune buggy safari and I got us horse back riding and dunns river falls with yardie tours for 190 for 2 people. Way better deal than Sandals offer. Also when you book your excursions, check the schedule for Ocho Rios port, because it will be insane when there are cruise ships in port.

I know that dress steaming is from 80 per dress, i bought my own portable steamer.

Transfer to and from resort is 250$, I did not go with it.

I went with private 2 hr dinner and standard reception for 30, you can do that if you dont want to pay 75 for 3 hr.

They say it is 50pp but it is 400$ for 8 people and less, so if you have less than 8 people you still can do it, but you pay 400$. 

After reading so many reviews, I really like Reef Gazebo for my wedding:

AAH_reef terrace gazebo.jpg

I have more location pics, message me if you want to see it and I will be more than happy to send to you.


More to come! Trying to organize my thoughts

MS Wedding Sales Kit Sandals Jamaica Kit 7-19-11.pdf

MS Floral Brochure.pdf

Wedding Information Marriage License Processing Form -Sandals - 11-09-10.pdf

The Solemnization of Marriage.doc

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I was not happy about paying 1400 for 100 pictures and having all those staged pics. I was quite occupied with it and had to lots of research. Sandals has very strict outside vendor policy, to have someone take your pics, I had to book them in the resort for 3 days ( best deal, cheaper price for 3 nights than for 2  or 1 night)

So, Thank you BDW for helping me find another bride who will be getting at the same resort 2 days after my wedding. Sow e got together and decided to figure out someone else to take our pics, but sandals photog. We contacted lots of photographers only to get crazy prices and requests. Same time I had some wonderful photograph to take my engagement pics. I loved them so much and I loved working with her. I asked he if she would like to take our wedding pics and offered her a few options. One of the options was she takes our unlimited pics and ttd for both wedding and we will pay her and her hubbys trip for 4 nights at our resort. She said yes, Jessica was happy with this option and we signed a contract. It was a little tricky at the beginning since me and Jessica never met before, she lives in Alberta and we are in Ontario. But we made it work. Note to all the brides: if you try to save some money, look for another bride to split costs with.



Our engagement pics!


My pic list for my photographer: 






 I have a few inspirational boards on Pinterest if anyone is interested    http://pinterest.com/katlavery/ 



I went with Vintage edit for 500$. We picked video, because many of our friends and relatives would not be able to attend for different reasons. (My family lives half world away) We thought video will be perfect in out situation.

Wedding Picture suggestions.doc

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My BD shoot:



I went to pick 2 or 3 pics out of my albums and picked about 10 or 15. My photographer is based in Petawawa, she is amazing to work with and her prices are the best I've ever seen.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lexi-Lee-Photography/188564874515167 Her fb group, if anyone is interested in her work. She is knew to this business, but very good at it.

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Etsy things!


You've  already seen my earring and necklace.

My hanger, I got it from burlapbabe, I love how it turned out, but it took her way more than she promised. She said it would take about 10 days and it took over a month.



My cake topper!!! I am so in love with it.


Me in my dress and Mike in his military mess dinner kit :D And our puppy with out wedding date.


just married sandals.jpg


My diy projects:









Sorry for horrible background, FI was watching TV LOL



It is to sleep now! I will post more stuff tomorrow :D

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Yay Kat!!!!! Everything is coming out beautifully.  I love the red shoes and the gray sash on the dress - as you know I am all about color.  Can't wait to see more!

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Here is some of my stationary:

menu final.jpg1.png



Here is my menu card, tag for pashminas and another tag for small favours.

My bachelorette party invite:



I used weddingpaperdivas for my invites and menu's and all that, but I did not pay for it. I know it makes a bad person, but I hope I can help someone with this trick.

You need to choose design and fill it all out, then you go all the way to the checkout and press preview on your item, then you right click it and save as picture. Then you print your invite, menu or whatever.... That's what I did for my stuff... Saved me lots of time and effort.




Some other stuff:IMG_0080.jpg

My clutch, hair flower and garter.



Here is my long veil. Best 16$ spent! From seller on eBay. I did not want to go with veil at first, but after seeing so many beautiful pics, I decided to go with it.



And my short dress, I am working on a sash right now, and having too much trouble with ribbon, it is either wrong colour, too narrow or wired... I hope I can finish it before we leave.





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