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Newbie from NYC

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Hello everyone-


My name is Leia, and I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum.  There is no set date yet, but we're looking into late 2013.  We were originally set on Riviera Maya, Mexico, but after stumbling through some other threads on here, Costa Rica is on the list now.  We really want a villa wedding, where all of our guests will stay in the villa (or in multiple neighboring villas) with us. 


The forum has been a wonderful resource and I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you.


Happy planning to all!

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Oh I love the idea of a villa wedding!  I remember when we were booking, there was a place in Jamaica that was like that and I wanted it sooooo bad.  Congrats on your engagement and good luck with your planning!



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Hey Leia, welcome to the forum. I'm also a New York bride getting married in the Mayan Riviera. I love the villa idea (we're doing a similar thing, but taking over a couple of condo buildings) and wanted to suggest a place to check out in Akumal, which is a gorgeous village south of Playa del Carmen. There is an amazing lagoon (it's called Yal Ku) in Akumal that is lined with great villas for rent. I've seen a few ladies here who have been married at one in particular called Casa Romero, but the houses are all close by and different sizes. I'd search Casa Romero here for better info. There are some photos at this site as well: http://www.locogringo.com/akumal/casaromero.html?name=Casa%20Romero

We seriously considered doing this, but ultimately opted for something else. Puerto Morelos, Tulum or Soliman Bay might be some other good places to look for a villa. I plead ignorance about Costa Rica, thought it sounds wonderful. 

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Welcome and Congratulations!  Villa weddings can be very intimate and personal.  Perhaps you could look at some of the smaller hotels in Tulum or Isla Mujeres for that small personalized feel you want.


Happy Planning!


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