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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to create something like this for the last month and this saved me a lot of time and hassle.
  2. Hi Ladies, I haven't posted much here yet as I'm still so far out (May 2013), but I want to thank everyone for all of your ideas and advice. I went back to page 700 and have gotten so much from you guys. I had my first bit of wedding drama last night and you guys make me feel so much better about my DW decision. My sister called to tell me that my entire family is pissed off at me for wanting a DW. So I start thinking about an outer banks wedding since I'm in NC. That makes FI upset since I'm starting to give in to what others want for our day. It's nice to have you girls that are excited for Azul despite the drama it can cause. Thanks for your support! -Michelle
  3. and I'm there!!!! Wohoo for 150! Time to go back and start opening attachments!!! So excited if you can't tell
  4. Happy it all worked out. Congratulations on being a MRS!!!
  5. Congratulations ladies! Welcome to the forum. There's a ton of info on here. I seriously considered a palace resort. They are beautiful and I've heard great things. Happy Planning!
  6. FutureMrsF


    and Congratulations!
  7. and Congratulations! There's a ton of information on here and it can be very overwhelming especially in the beginning. Picking the location and the resort is by far the most difficult decision. I changed my mind every 5 minutes. I finally decided on Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I've not allowed myself to continue looking because there are so many great hotels out there. Start reading the reviews on here and see what sticks out at you. I'd also suggest hooking up with a travel agent. He'll be able to suggest a few resorts you can then research further. Happy Planning!
  8. So many great ideas! I still have a year and half to sort through all these and pick my favs.
  9. Congratulations! I'm glad you didn't sweat the small stuff and enjoyed the day. I was just in Key West on a cruise and loved it. Great choice!
  10. and Congratulations on your engagement. You have to have 150 posts in order to open attachments. Start reading and commenting. You'll learn a lot quickly.
  11. Anyone know of a good way to print a board? I made one for gowns and would like to print it so I can show my consultant when I go to look at dresses.
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