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Initially I wanted to do a message in a bottle invite to a welcome cocktail hour. The idea just evolved into doing it as the welcome letter instead because I wanted to have as few scheduled things as possible. I just wanted our guests to do what they want when they want. It's our wedding, but their vacation!


The wording:

The wait is finally over! We made it to sun, fun and relaxation…. Welcome to beautiful Jamaica!  We are both so happy and are especially honored that you have traveled so far

to be part of our wedding celebration. There are no words to describe how much it means to us that you would take the time and expense to be here with us during this exciting time in our lives.


Please join us for dinner at Platinum restaurant Thursday at seven thirty. We will join hands in marriage Friday at four. Following the ceremony, we invite everyone to join us off the resort for sunset pictures and dinner. We look forward to spending the next few days with you, and hope this time will be as memorable for you as it will be for us!

So put your feet up, enjoy and donâ€t forget your sunscreen!!


With love,

Casey and Brian


PS  Please enjoy the “goodies†inside this welcome bag.

     They are just a small token of our appreciation!


I found some cool parchment paper at a local store for 10 cents a page then burnt the edges.


Sorry its blurry. My phone is the worst.


I found glass bottles at Micheal's for $1.50 (I think that was the price) with a cork stopper. I really  wanted glass over plastic so I loooove these. Then I decorated them with some material that was actually used as decor on one of our wedding gifts.



I had to tape the letter together after rolling so the letter would come back out. Thank God I had an extra one cuz I got one stuck in one of the bottles.


Our welcome letter!!!



I could not be any happier....I am so not the DIY type, but this wedding may have transformed me. I'm so glad I pulled this off! smile36.gif


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I love the paper too, so nice! This is going into my collection of book of ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. I really did not think i was crafty at all, but I really liked the way my projects have turned out. I did these, luggage tags, flower girl baskets and awesome escort tags. My fav thing i just did was my personalized shoes for the reception. Im in <3 with them!!!!!


I just finished all these welcome letters for the OOT bags last night and packed them all in bubble wrap. I am dropping my suitcase of OOT stuff off with my dad today.....5 more days till I fly out. I will be a Mrs. in one week!!!!!!!

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