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2013 Melia Caribe Tropical Brides

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Hello Ladies!

I am booked at the Melia Tropical for our wedding in April 2013.


I was getting excited except I have just seen the prices and my cheapee all inclusive wedding is quickly adding up to over $5,000 for the package that includes dinner for 50 adults! 


I should of looked into the pricing a little more before hand but I have heard nothing but good things about this resort and the service that you get there. 


I will do my best to keep you ladies updated on my communcations with the resort.



Calgary, Canada

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My husband and I got married at the Melia in November of 2010.  We loved it and know another couple that used the resort also with good reports.  We had 50 people at the wedding. I hope you enjoy but here are a few things I wish I had known.


1) We did visit the resort ahead of time.  We picked it because budget wise and accomodation wise it was everything we needed. Most of our friend have kids and we had one handicap relative.  There are 2 sides to this resort that run horizontally toward the ocean.  There are several pools.  It is a really big place-- very beautiful but big. I recommend the upgrade to Royal Service if you can afford it.  You get preference for dinner and drinks.


 We did arrange with the wedding coordinator there to have a note handed out on check in for all guests that basically said, "meet us at this bar at 9:00 pm". We had a drink as a group every night at that location.  I'm glad we did this because it gave a centrally meeting point for the day. There is always a band or entertainment at night right in front of the casino, so that is a good meeting point for your group. We had people arriving almost every night for a week, so the central meeting point eliminated the need to run and welcome everyone in the middle of the day. It gave them a place that they knew they would find us every night.



2) We got married at the gazebo on the beach. It was beautiful but very, very windy. If you care about your hair you don't want to get married there. You might want to just do your own hair (what I did).  I was glad I didn't spend the money.  Also, pick your bridesmaid dresses for the wind factor.  Mine were short and they were pulling at them in the wind. The gazebo that is more to the interior of the resort is a better place if wind is an issue for you.  It is also free in the wedding package.  You pay extra for the place on the beach.


The photographer on the site was fantastic, they have a website you can preview ideas for photos.  The day after the wedding, we put our wedding clothes back on and did the shots of the dress in the ocean which was fun and came out beyond great.  We ended up taking pictures around the resort on the day after the wedding so we wouldn't have to waste time after the ceremony.


3) For the reception, they set up a private area in one of the resturants and served dinner. It was fine, the cake was good, they had menus already printed.


As soon as you get to the resort, go and meet with the wedding coordinator immediately.  They will go over the details of everything.  If you want certain music, etc bring it with you and they were very accomodating.  You will leave the resort with your pictures and CD in hand. They were ready in 24 hrs.


Good Luck!


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we were married there in nov 2010 and loved it


-very big resort, recommend to have a central meeting place daily so you can enjoy the day. we had notes given out on check in to meet for a drink everynight in front of the casino. that is where the daily entertainment will be.


-got married on the beach at the gazebo. beautiful but very windy. don't bother paying to get your hair done if you do it here. they will charge $300 dollars extra for the gazebo on beach. the one more interior is just as pretty and included in the package. photographer on site was great. he even met us the next day to take pictures. we did the water pictures where you get in the ocean with your dress--better to do the day after the wedding.


-they will dry clean your dress. mine was chiffon so i just packed it in my carry on. there were a million brides on my flight so don't plan on giving it to the captian to keep it.


-meet with the coordinator as soon as you get there. they have samples set up in a room and you can finalize details. they were very accomodating.


-i recommend upgrading to royal service if your guest can afford it. if the guests have kids, don't bother with the upgrade because the best kids spot is on the regular side of the resort.


good luck

send any specific questions, i wish i could have talked to someone who had done it before. i know several who have used the resort and loved it



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Went through the same thing and have now booked my wedding at the JellyFish Resturant due to the prices at Melia.   Even at the JellyFish our wedding ceremony and reception is costing $7500 and that's just the bill from JellyFish!


I also have 50+ people coming to my wedding.

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We are doing the free package that is free with a 5 night stay in a Royal Service room

the package is for 12 guests and each additional guest is $24 we are having 28 guests and having a catholic ceremony


Bouquet for the Bride

Boutonniere for the Groom

sparkling wine for the Toast

“Meliá Wedding Package†Cake two tiers white cake

Ceremony set-up in one of our breathtaking locations

Dinner reservation in restaurant on the ceremony night

1 Bottle of domestic sparkling wine in couples room upon arrival

10% Discount bonus on Wellness Cent re Services for the Couple


$384 extra guests

$900 Catholic Priest

$240 Guitar Trio

$75 Horse and Carriage

$1000 copyright fee outside photographer




La Barcaza Reception

Tour of Wedding: 4 hours, including 1 hour of transportation and 3 hours on board

Wedding Tour around our Bavaro´s Coast - Punta Cana

Stopping at the fabulous "Natural Pool", swimming in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Music for a special celebration.

Open Bar with nationals drinks.

Grill Menu


$65 per person   $1820.00



HDC photographer and video $1377.580


Total wedding Cost $5796.50


Does not includes travel, accommodations, attire or OOT bags


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Thanks to everyone for all your wedding planning tips. I'm a May 10, 2013 bride at the MCT and am anxiously waiting to hear back from the WC to confirm their receipt of our downpayment wire transfer. I hope to hear from them soon We've chosen to go with the Tides package. After hearing the fabulous reviews from this thread and other MCT threads, I think we'll be doing our wedding at one of the gazebos. We are desperately trying to keep our wedding costs low, so whatever is included/free/minimal cost sounds good to us. Some questions for you all, if you don't mind: 1) Do you ladies have a list of the other MCT restaurants and have any preferences /review on which would be good for the wedding semi-private reception? Does semi-private mean you can maybe do toasts at the restaurants but then take the dancing part to a disco on site? We'd really like to just utilize the nightlife at the resort (here's hoping that they have a night scene on a Friday) 2) Who's MCTs on-site photographer/videographer and what are their prices? For those who've used them, whatcha guys think? 3) How did you guys get to/from the airport? Did MCT have shuttles available or did you find your own? Ok, tis all for now. Thanks for reading and for your help in advance. Shout out to all the MCT 2013 brides; it's a hard life we live planning our dream destination weddings but I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. Cheers, Janina Los Angeles, CA JandJRiveraWedding.com

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Hi I'm getting married at MCT in June 2013. I've been in touch with the resort's photographer. So far they have been very helpful. They have a Facebook page with lots of sample pics, but they also have their own website: www.arrecifestudio.com and http://www.facebook.com/ArrecifePhotoStudioMelia

Or you can email them atweddingmeliado@arrecifestudio.com   We're trying to decide if we want to go with them or not. Their prices are reasonable, but we want to shop around to make sure that we're getting the most for our money.

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