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  1. Went through the same thing and have now booked my wedding at the JellyFish Resturant due to the prices at Melia. Even at the JellyFish our wedding ceremony and reception is costing $7500 and that's just the bill from JellyFish! I also have 50+ people coming to my wedding.
  2. Jenn, Who did you keep in contact with at Melia to organize a welcome dinner and all your spa treatments? I've been working with Ana but now that we're not having the wedding at Melia I wasn't sure if I could still use her as my contact. Also - what were the fees to host the welcome dinner? Thanks again for all your help, Jade
  3. Good news, Ladies!!! Mayte got back to me this afternoon and has April 11th available so I've snatched it up! We land in Dominican on the 9th so it will be a quick off the plane, dinner leading to a bachelor/ette night and then one day to recover before the wedding! I am soo super excited. A special thanks to Jenn who allowed me to facebook stalk her wedding photos - those did me in, I had to have JELLYFISH! Jade PS - 48 hours is sufficient for a symbolic ceremony, right? Please say yes.
  4. I've emailed her so here's hoping. I couldn't sleep last night because I'm wanting this place so bad and I was trying to think of a equal backup plan! At 4am I still had no luck.... lol.... be patient Jade, be patient. I'll post when I hear from Mayte! Thanks for the support, Ladies.
  5. Well unfortunatley your response is disappointing... we've already booked our trip and we're going April 9-16th..... so much for the JellyFish then... I wish I knew about it before hand but C'est la vie. Thanks Ladies, J
  6. MissBee, When did you book for? And how long did it take you to get a response? I'm going to be there in April and don't know if its too late to book the JellyFish..... getting nervous! As for planning with the hotel I have been working with a co-ordinator there but haven't gotten into the finer details yet. You should be able to connect with someone at your resort to make life easier. J
  7. Does anyone have the 2012 or 2013 pricing for Jellyfish...?? If so, could you please send to me - jadeevincent@hotmail.com Thanks!
  8. Ladies, I'm in need of some assistance! I have 45-50 people coming to my wedding April 2013 (40 already booked!) but am absolutely lost on what package to use! My fiance and I are going to do a 'symbolic' ceremony and then were thinking about going on the La Baracaza - the issue I am having is the Melia wants to charge me $864 for the base wedding package (for 12 people) and then $25.00 for all my guests over the 12. I asked if there was any budge on that price and they said they would take off 10% off any 'additional guests' which is only 2.5 per guest or $80! It makes me kinda nauseous to spend $2k on a 20 minute ceremony that has no music, no cocktail hour etc. etc..... The La Baracaza is $65 pp so around $3300 without wine... and wine is a must with my family..... I'm trying to keep the wedding ceremony/reception around $5k, am I being unrealistic for 50 people?! My fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and do not have the funds to have a massive wedding however, I don't want to be disappointed in the big day either. I know that sounds horrible... I won't be disappointed... but I want to be wowed! The funny thing is I sent out the save the dates for a destination wedding without really looking into the costs... I never realized how much it would be to get what I wanted.... Need HELP! Any suggestions?
  9. I'm also thinking about DLR for April 2013. How much planning have you completed? I'm so lost, I really don't know where to begin! Jade
  10. Hey Ladies, I need some aide! My finance and I are planning an early April 2013 wedding with 40-50 guests travelling from Toronto. I have been looking at Dreams La Romana, Melia Tropical in Punta Cana and Iberostar in La Romana. Any advice? Help! I am so lost looking at these wedding packages. I want to have a 'non-beach' wedding (want sexy shoes!), and want to have a sit down dinner and reception with a Dj; my family likes to have a good time! Another thing, I do not want BLUE as my decorations, nothing against the colour, its just not for me! I will be using oranges and corals and would like to keep it to these warmer colours. I really don't know where to begin as I'm also trying to do this on a budget! Sooo, soooo lost. Thanks for the help. Jade
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