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  1. I bought this dress at David's Bridal and it was perfect for a beach destination wedding. The dress was light and comfortable. I paid extra to have a corset put in the back which was great for the heat. You can adjust it to your body. It is a size 10/12. It also has a bit of a train and when you bustle it you can barely tell that it actually has a train. The best thing about this dress? I didn't have to wear a bra It was worth paying for the corset! (I am a DDD cup) I am 5'5 to give you an idea for the height of the dress. I can't tell you how light it is and how it didn't feel like a was wearing a full wedding dress. The dress is now discontinued from David's Bridal. I paid $750 plus $400 in alterations. I would hate for this dress to sit in a closet for the rest of its life, but if someone can make use of it, why not? It is currently getting dry cleaned for you. My best offer is $500. Depending on where you are in the country, I can pay for shipping. I can send you more pics if needed.
  2. Hello MrsShoreytobe We brought our photographers down and since they were included in our guest list they did not have to pay a copy write fee. I even brought the email with me to say that they were our allowed our own photographers just in case we may have a problem and they honestly did not care at all. We did everything (wedding, dinner and party) at the resort and it was awesome. I did see the Jellyfish restaurant and you can literally walk to the restaurant from the beach side in 5min. It's right next door to the resort. If you were to do the wedding at the resort and everything else at the Jelly Fish.....Basic Symbolic Wedding $894 (includes 12 people) each guest on top of that is $24 (includes champagne and it also includes dinner if you were to have it at the resort.) Also check out this facebook page of upcoming and past brides. It is very helpful. Melia Caribe Tropical Brides!!! Hope that helps. Laura Here are some of my photos a few weeks ago... http://www.hanafoto.com/blog/laura-and-jeremy-married-in-punta-cana-melia-caribe-tropical-destination-wedding-photographers/
  3. I just got married here last Friday and it was truly amazing! I paid for my photographers to come down and the resort had no problem because they were friends of mine. Here is a sneak peak from them. If you guys have any questions, I am more than happy to help! Laura http://www.hanafoto.com/blog/laura-and-jeremy-married-sneak-peek-punta-cana-destination-wedding-photographers/?fb_action_ids=10151374710501555&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
  4. ArrecifeStudio Melia Caribe. They have a facebook page so you can see their work too. Laura Quote: Originally Posted by trivera5521 Ladies can someone tell me what photographer Melia uses?????
  5. I will email you the packages. If you are concerned about price......I have 50 people coming to my wedding and I found it cheaper to do the basic wedding package and add on what I wanted. When you look at the packages and break them down in what you get, the prices are pretty crazy. When I was comparing packages it was something like $800 just for more decorations and champange in your room. Really? They do basic decorating for you and I spoke to them and I am brining my own color ribbon to add to what they will already have and they said they wouldn't charge me. Personally I think the packages are a rip off, but I am trying to keep the costs as low as I can since we are paying for the wedding. If you are not concerned about money then get what you like since its your day If you have any more questions, let me know! Laura
  6. I will miss you by a hair......We arrive on April 23rd and we are getting married on April 26th!
  7. I would love these. Do you still have for sale and if not where did u get these? Thanks Laura
  8. Sorry I am not a good resource to answer this question since I am flying my photographer down.
  9. Hello Ladies I wanted to pass along a couple of facebook sites that are very helpful for planning: This is information from ladies that were already brides at the resort which I found the information helpful. "Melia Caribe Tropical Brides!!!" This is a site on facebook of pictures of specifically wedding set ups for venues, flowers and cakes. Also very helpful if you can't do a site visit "Romance: Our Weddings and events" Happy Planning! Laura
  10. Hello Tammy No I don't know anything about a local MC down there, however I am not sure if this helps you but I just downloaded an app on the iphone called "WeddingDJ" and you can put all of your songs on there to play. We went to a local wedding recently and they used it and it was great. I didn't even notice there was no DJ/MC. They did have someone responsible for it (which they just had to press play at the appropriate time and introduced the couple) and it was as simple as that! If you have any questions, hopefully I can try to help. Laura
  11. Thank you so much for the information mjadrian2. That really helps me out a lot. Did you happen to use the salon on site? Laura
  12. Hello Ladies! Just booked my wedding in April 2013. Any feedback from the previous weddings? How is the hair salon down there? Thanks Laura
  13. Hello Ladies! I am booked at the Melia Tropical for our wedding in April 2013. I was getting excited except I have just seen the prices and my cheapee all inclusive wedding is quickly adding up to over $5,000 for the package that includes dinner for 50 adults! I should of looked into the pricing a little more before hand but I have heard nothing but good things about this resort and the service that you get there. I will do my best to keep you ladies updated on my communcations with the resort. Laura Calgary, Canada
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