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Wedding Ruined by Incompetence and Mismanagement at Jellyfish

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#1 Whippet

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    Posted 23 August 2011 - 03:02 PM

    Recently our excitement about having a Caribbean wedding has been crushed due to a incompetent and cowardly manager at Jellyfish. 


    Previously Jellyfish has been one of our favourite places to have a special dinner (we even got engaged there), so naturally we thought it would be a great place also to hold the wedding.


    On contacting management we started to discuss dates for the wedding and originally the date we wanted was taken, but after two weeks we were told that there has been a cancellation and this date is now available.  We responded straight away and were confirmed that this date was ours.


    We then had several meetings with the “manager” and discussed decoration, menu ect... all seemed to be fine with us continually told that “ don’t worry your date is confirmed I will get the final quote to you soon...”


    After about 6 weeks and many excuses of why the quote has not been completed yet, we finally received it. All fine except the wrong date!


    The reply when we question this was “well the original person who cancelled wanted this date again, so I gave you the Sunday night instead of the Saturday night”.

    A disgrace! No apology, admitting that she stuffed up and double booked, nothing and to the expectation that after 2 months of being told that the date was ours we should just accept her change of date, pitiful.

    And the real reason for us losing the date?? Maybe more money was offered for that date? And a little more commission for her?


    We are now left in the position with a full guest list who have booked flights (some from Australia), accommodation and now only 5 months to scramble together another location all because one careless, spineless girl couldn’t do her job properly.


    #2 Mel2010

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      Posted 25 August 2011 - 10:04 AM



      I'm truly sorry to hear that this happened to you and can only imagine the frustrations your fiance and you are feeling right now. However, this is no way to trash a business, and more importantly, create more worries for brides who are getting married at the Jellyfish.


      Honestly, it seems as though you are cognitively bias to this situation solely based on your own experience "halo effect" and maybe another bad experience you must of read here on BDW. I have been dealing with the Jellyfish restaurant for the past 9 mths now and have no complaints. The manager (Mayte) is so professional, organized, and knows exactly what she is doing. To say these meanful things about her (i.e spineless) is a little over the top, no?


      I'm sure Mayte can work something out with you, if not there is another restaurant very similar to the Jellyfish (can't remember the name but it's mentioned in the Jellyfish thread) and this restaurant also has a pool. Maybe you can still keep your date, and just change the location.


      Again, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the Jellyfish, but honestly I don't know what happened, because this restaurant is AMAZING and all the reviews speak for themselves!


      Good luck with you planning!





      #3 MNtoMX

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        Posted 25 August 2011 - 10:35 AM

        This is truly unfortunate! I am sorry that you have to experience this stress, especially since Jellyfish is where you were engaged and it obviously holds a special place in your heart!


        One thing I have done, and a suggestion for other brides-to- be, is every time I email Mayte or put a comment on Jellyfish’s facebook, I put my name and “February 3, 2012 wedding” somewhere in the communication (often times along with my fianc©â€™s name and last name) This helps me be reassured that our date and names are very clear.  I am still waiting confirmation that she received the deposit so I hope nothing goes wrong there as we booked our trip last week!

        The other restaurant referred to is Kukua http://www.kukuarestaurantpuntacana.com/  and also looks amazing. There is s thread started on here and it sounds like communication has been great with the coordinator there.  

        #4 Whippet

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          Posted 25 August 2011 - 09:00 PM

          good advice MNtoMX!

          Mel2010 there was intention to "trash"Jellyfish or cause stress to any future brides
          infact I believe it is important to share all experience both good and bad.


          Yes initially we found manager (Mayte) to be  professional, organized... but her actions of late have been absolutely spineless.

          We actually received an email today from her, still no apology and explains that she has had another deposit on this date for quite some time.

          So for quite some time she has been telling us blatant lies. We live in Punta Cana and she has said to our face "dont worry the date is yours" even last week, disgraceful!



          For any future brides thinking of having a wedding here or anywhere to be frank, do not take "your date is secured" even if it is written in an email as the truth.  Push and push for a deposit to be put down and if there is a delay or any crap excuse take your business elsewhere.


          Remember brides when making all these arrangements that you are dealing with business's! they will not have the same emotional connection that you have to that date and at the end of the day your money is more important they your feelings! Although enjoy the excitement of planning your wedding you have to be shred and business like when finalising anything.








          #5 GreekFood

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            Posted 30 August 2011 - 06:41 PM


            I'm sorry to hear that you are so upset. I truly hope for you that over time, you and your future husband will be able to find humor in this setback. Best wishes to you for a beautiful wedding! I'm sure whatever you do will be amazing.

            Punta Cana, DR 01.16.2012

            61 booked and counting!

            #6 dlmfacl

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              Posted 14 October 2011 - 10:10 AM

              I agree that using such harsh name calling is uncalled for.  I am sure Mayte CAN make mistakes but I can’t for one minute imagine that she would dismiss and cover it up.  She is amazingly professional and took care of EVERYTHING for us!  She is an all-star and future brides have nothing to worry about. 

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