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  1. We returned this week from our wedding in the Dominican Republic... Here is an 'estimate' of what our wedding expenses were..... (we are also having a reception at home, budgeting around $10,000 for that but hoping it's under!) We had 32 people total (including bride and groom) total wedding costs (at the Jellyfish Restaurant): approx $5,700 (this included flowers, food, open bar, fire dancers, decorations/set up, dj and an outside dancefloor area in the sand) total travel costs for bride and groom (with travel insurance @ Majestic Elegance) approx $3,300 for one week (i think, i could be off on this) dress, shoes, earrings, hairflower (DIY), alterations approx $850 suit and alterations approx $250 extras such as OOT bags, programs, signs $250 total approx $10,350 does not include honeymoon which we *hope* to take later this year, although a week in Punta Cana was nice There were a few things I overlooked that ended up costing us a little more and our group was not too big, which helped with the budget (we invited only immediate family and close friend s and many invited were not able to attend)
  2. We didn't even want the round cake, she made it sound like it was no biggie to just throw it in....but going over budget by about $1,000 isn't too bad, and I totally could have spoken up at the time. I definitely think the prices will be raised the more and more popular the Jellyfish becomes. I know it has been growing in popularity over the years (Mayte just took over about five years ago) I can't explain the feeling you will have once you see what a wedding factory some resorts are and how intimate and beautiful the jellyfish is, you will not be disappointed! Pretty much everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to and they all had a wonderful time!
  3. Ah, yes, I will PM you. This was going to be an issue in my review. We ended up about $1,000 to $1,200 more than I initially expected. I feel some of it was my fault for not speaking up.... for example $200 for 40 cupcakes and a small top cake that we never even ate (and we gave the cupcakes away to jellyfish and resort staff bc we had so many extra) I am sure that the more and more popular they become with destination wedding brides, the more they know they can charge... (but it is still WAY better than a resort!)
  4. Just a thought for those considering a legal ceremony in the DR...We did not use Pastor York or any of the other pastors/priests/ justice of the peace in the DR- we had a friend of ours perform the ceremony. He was ordained online- yes, you can do that and it's legal (at least in he US) and then we signed the marriage certificate in the airport when we returned home (it had to be in MN) If you are not set on a specific religion or type of ceremony, this is a great way to go. It saved us money also It was much more personable and meant a lot more to us to have someone we know and love perform the ceremony. Our wedding 2/3 was amazing. I wish I could post pics but don't have the 'authority' to do so. I will try to do a review this weekend! be patient for Mayte's responses, she is extremely busy!
  5. Ok, so I can't post pictures... I think I don't have enough postings to do so. You can find me on facebook at Dariann McCormick, just send me a message and let me know who you are and I can add you so you can see the pics Quote: Originally Posted by MNtoMX
  6. The resort was great! Everyone loved it. I did get sick at the end but I was there for a week and drinking a lot (although I really tried to watch the sugary drinks)! We never ate at the big “Flavors†buffet. One morning we tried to eat breakfast around 9am at the beach restaurant See and Sea and it does not open till 9:30am. We did not have a wedding coordinator there as we had our wedding at the Jellyfish. I gave my dress to the laundry people and it was returned with more wrinkles than before. They did not return the hanger which lifted my train so it did not get crumpled in the bag, so it was left in the bag for a few hours getting more wrinkled. This was on my wedding day and I was nearly in tears but oh well! It all worked out in the end! The French and Italian Restaurants were really good. I never ate at the steak house (I don’t eat steak), Japanese was good but I was a little freaked out by cross contamination (scooping out raw meat then using same spatula to immediately serve the fried rice)! Haha, it probably happens in all the restaurants but to see it in front of you scared me a bit. And the See and Sea wasn’t bad either (I had grouper and lobster there) Overall, it was one of the best all inclusives we have been to. The staff was great and the bartenders would pour you extra when you wanted. We were on the adults only (Elegance Club) side, which was nice. Our friends tried to upgrade when they arrived and it was going to be $70 per person/ per day- NOT worth that. Really the perks included snacks during the day, free computer/internet, and bottles of alcohol in the room we never opened (or only opened one) We did not pay the $300 outside fee for our photographer so we met them on the beach right next to ME before heading to the Jellyfish. I will post pics from that (or try to, sometimes I have problems with pics) Have a couple friends ask to re-direct traffic while taking pictures. Snorkels and windsurfing are free but you have to ask at the hut by the volleyball court. Not much to see in the designated swim area… Ok, I will try to put up some pics…
  7. Hi Ladies! We got back on Monday from our wedding (Friday) and vacation. It was amazing! The first couple of days were a little stressful with getting everything done and organized (OOT bags, family arriving, etc) There are a few things that I wish I did differently but really only I would know - in Punta Cana, fans are NOT needed on the beach! It is sooo windy! - Wish that I took more pics in my veil, I only had it on during the ceremony and I wish I used it more with the professional photographer - Paid better attention to the budget…that is my own fault - Wish I was more direct with the hair stylist (majestic elegance), I had lots of pictures but the side hair cluster was higher up and more just ‘off centered’ looking- again, if I was more assertive when she was doing it, this would not have been an issue. My friend ended up moving it down somehow. However, my mother and niece’s hair looked great and was exactly what they wanted! - Be VERY specific with what you want. I knew in my head I only wanted plain white canopy/alter and gave the coordinator pictures of that; however, she added fans as ‘décor’ and I never liked that in the pictures that I saw. In the long run, it really was only me that noticed. For suitcases, we had 2 large checked bags which were not extra on American Airlines (not extra on Delta, they are extra on USAirways) I carried my dress, had a wheeled carry on and my fiancé had a full backpack and also another carryon- they allowed it. Everything will be amazing, try not to stress too much! I think I was more stressed about my family all being in one resort than anything, haha! We now have to plan our big June reception in Minnesota, I really don’t want to! We had the wedding of our dreams in Punta Cana and couldn’t ask for anything more.
  8. GREAT Idea! A week away from the wedding and I keep searching this thread for pictures
  9. previous brides pictures of the dancefloor in the sand https://plus.google.com/photos/102705439573497460334/albums/5641919998484660193?authkey=CJqR_dPc17sw&banner=pwa#photos/102705439573497460334/albums/5641919998484660193/5641922849347471906
  10. We are having our dancing in the sand! I also have the romantic vision of people dancing in the sand There is a post on here with links to pictures of dancing in the sand with the lights and paper lanterns, it looks great.. I have it bookmarked at home andcan send it later
  11. Venus909 - I am realy not too picky on flowers. Something simple and 'pretty' I loveyour choices! I might do a simple, rose and lilly bouquet with some green in it. Feb2013Bride2Be- From what I have heard,Mayte is amazing! There are new pictures on fb that look more ellaborate, I am not sure if she did it or hired someone (pink and orange wedding) There have been a lot of people who have used DJ Mannia so I think if that is what you want you should do it! The great thing about the jellyfish (from what I can tell) there are no outside vendor fees like you get at the resorts
  12. We leave one week from today! Our wedding is a week from Friday, can't wait! There is still a list of things to do.... but really looking forward to it all!
  13. I think that sounds about right. She said orchids are the most expensive (those look like orchids?) She said roses tend to be cheaper. I have no exact idea of what I want! I sent her about 8 pictures and she said that was a lot of different ideas, lol. Is the $180 for only the bouquet? Quote: Originally Posted by venus909 I do remember seeing that picture. I was just hoping that wasn't luck...lol... I don't know why but I get super nervous about not knowing for sure. Also, I don't know how much flowers costs (I haven't really looked around) so when I got the quote I wasn't sure if that sounded right for what I wanted. this is the picture I sent her: And she quoted me $180. For anyone that knows about flowers, does that sound right? Also, do you think they'd be able to recreate that?
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