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  1. Do you own a competing business or have a personal beef. This doesn't make any sense. 99.99% positive reviews.... 0.01% ridiculous review. Undue stress for others.
  2. I agree that using such harsh name calling is uncalled for. I am sure Mayte CAN make mistakes but I can’t for one minute imagine that she would dismiss and cover it up. She is amazingly professional and took care of EVERYTHING for us! She is an all-star and future brides have nothing to worry about.
  3. Noob for life! My wedding will be over berfore I can open attachments!
  4. My FI also wants to wear shorts and I actually really like him in shorts but likewise I am worried about him looking like "the groom" as I have a fomal dress (yes poofy on the beach!), I wanted him to wear a vest...vest and shorts could look a little school boyish though! We are still considering options.... More pics of grooms in shorts?
  5. Thanks for all the info...some really handsone grooms in there! Anyone have a groom wearing shorts? Ideas on how to dress up the shorts?
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