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I have my heart set out on Cabo <3 but in need of some HELP!...

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So all this bouncing back and forth on where I would love to have my destination wedding, I have come to the conclusion that Cabo steals my heart.  I just love everything about Cabo.  I would love some of you to give me some input.  I just have no clue on where to start and how to go about the whole planning.  I've been looking at the Dreams los Cabos.


Any other resort recommendations in this area?


Should I contact the resorts myself or go through a travel agent?


Should i hire an outside wedding planner or stick with the onsite wedding coordinator the resorts provide? I'm not sure what to do...


I'm so nervous to jump into this not knowing how to plan and what questions to ask vendors etc.


Please Help!  :)


Thanks everyone!

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welcome to BDW!


I am a past Dreams Los Cabos bride and my travel agency specializes in destination weddings and we have a great relationship with dreams.


If you go with Dreams, you might not need to hire an outside WC.  If you decide that is what you want to do, make sure to check with the resort to see if they are a "preferred vendor" and allowed to work on the resort.


if you want some TA help, go to this link and we can assign someone to help you: http://www.wrighttravelagency.com/leads/inquiry/

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