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Found my dream invites!! Take a look and leave your opinion!

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sllefevr- I love these!! who is making them for you?? I would like to order them also.

Originally Posted by Sllefebvr View Post

Here they are girls!! Tell me what you think!! I think these might be the winners!! I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of these!! woot.gif










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So sorry it took me forever to write back to everyone on here! I actually found a girl on this website who designed beautiful invites for herself and I e-mailed her.. :) I guess it was pretty bold but she agreed to make them for me! Our wedding isn't until 2013 so I actually just e-mailed her the other day to get the ball rolling! If anybody wants her information. PM with your e-mail address and I will let her know you are interested and give her your contact information!

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