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My wedding story as featured on YAHOO

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Ha,ha! As soon as I saw the pic on yahoo, I said to myself, "That couple looks familary, I've seen them somewhere....BDW!" And, it was you guys. So neat! Congrats!!!

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Thanks for reading!  You know whats crazy ( someone brought this to my attention ):


6+7+8 = 21 and 2+1=       3  (again from the yahoo story, not planned)



9+10+11 = 30 and 3+0 =    3  (we wanted september but we didn't want the holiday weekend so this was the next best choice)


the distance between both dates  3 months, 3 hours, and 3 days away. (wasn't planned this way at all)


the time we got married because of availability       3:00pm



Freaky right... I don' t know anything about numerology but does anyone have a clue about it?

Originally Posted by LisaMatterni View Post

That's really a cool story. I love how you connect the dates!



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