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  1. Thank you!!! She does an amazing job! We got both Shaun and his brothers suit through JOS A Bank. There was a buy 1 get 2 free deal so we took advantage
  2. Absolutely use Flower Dell!!!! I was worried about flowers as I had never seen any of her work but Molly reassured me they would be beautiful! I only wish I could have taken them home with me! They did however last into the next day, through my TTD session and still fresh right before we left for Little Cayman. Just amazing!
  3. @CariBride Thank you!!! We used Rebecca Davidson for our photgrapher, she is simply amazing to work with. She has an incredible eye and is great at being invisible! So fun to work with, let her do what she wants and she'll get you great shots! I'm still waiting for the second half of my photos!!! The cake was done by LUCA and was fantastic! Gave Laura a picture, she gave me flavors and that was that. We coordinated extra flowers from Flower Dell for the cake. LUCA also catered the welcome party and brunch, we were extremely easy at that point so easy finger food menu and typical bruch m
  4. Laura at LUCA is fantastic, however, this is there "off season" even though they stay busy year round. I'm slightly type A (if there is such a thing as being slightly) and I learned a great deal of patience while planning everything. Also remember things run on caribbean time and they truly do hold your word, right of first refusal etc even wothout a deposit. Just let me say my piece about Celebrations... they do fantastic work. That being said they also over charge an arm and a leg. They quoted me $1500 over what I ended up paying by organizing most of my own vendors and having Molly from
  5. Thank you!!! We chose not to do a formal reception, dancing, dj band etc. We did our cake cutting at the beginning of our dinner so if there was chance of susnset pics we could get them but that didn't work out either. We did the toasts at LUCA and as a way of wrappuing things up we had chinese lanterns for each person to set off from the beach. Our families had never seen them before and we so amazed by them also loved the thought of sending off wishes for Shaun and I. I had Molly orchestrate the florist for the best prices as there are a few on island. She worked with Floer Dell before
  6. Hi there! We too we concerned with budget going into theplanning stages and had originally thought of doing a family style cooking event on Thursday night as the welcome party. Last thing I wanted to do when we got there was cook and couldn't have been happier with our choice to cater in Thursday night and Sunday morning brunch. We did simple finger foods, pasta salad, potato salad and a ceasr salad. It was delivered to our suite and cleaned up promptly the next morning. I think it was around $36 USD a head... so worth it for the welcome party so you can socialize and not be bound to the k
  7. So it's been a bit over a month since my wedding on GCM, have been awaiting my pro pics but simply can't wait any longer for a quick review for those getting married later this year or next. Despite our arrival 5 days early into the worst rain they have had ever, we made the best of our trip. Our guests arrived Thursday, still raining and we didn't care. Small wedding just 18 of us total, family only. We stayed at Caribbean Club, held everything there on Saturday afternoon, dinner at Luca and words can not explain how perfect everything was! I have high expectations and everything exceede
  8. Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread
  9. Congrats!!! I haven't been on in quite sometime, been up to my ears in last minute details... Anyways, I am also using Reverend Myers, Rebecca Davidson and Focus Salon (review?) I have worked with Rebecca beofre but how was your service and your hair/makeup? I think I am working with hannah from Focus... How was La Dolce Vita? Where is that? We are looking for a Sunday night dinner spot... So happy everything went well for you, congrats again!!!
  10. Hi!! I do believe I am using Flower Dell and Massive for rentals. My coordinator is taking care of the decor for me and she also said that Flower Dell's prices were the best on island. Have yet to receive my final quote but when I do I'll be sure to let you know!
  11. You can tie them a number of different ways!!! The website, I believe has links to videos on how to tie them. http://www.ssekodesigns.com/ What's even better is that a portion of the cost goes back to the women in Uganda who make them...
  12. Absolutely!! This are the recommendations i received from Molly, our coordinator.. Focus Salon, Spa Esprit and Eclipze all three have websites and prices are all consistent with each other.
  13. Finally, I have fianlly decided on two different shoes. For most it's about an amazing pair of heels, that of which I am indeed insanely jealous of... however, my FI and I are the same height and I did not order extra length on my dress, therefore flats it is. For the ceremony I will be DIY barefoot jewelry for my MOH and I but will then slide these simple beauties on. My jewelry is from kendra scott in white lily and will be having a colorful bouquet. For the TTD the following day I am going with the sseko sandals in either fuschia or violet with an amazing colorful cuff bracelt also
  14. Wow! Thanks for letting me know it came up in a google post!!! Definitely need to fix that! On the good side though, yes, it is my dress, and I love it! I went to the NYC salon looking for a different one and tried that one on, done deal. It is super light and comfortable! Pronovias from what I can tell ranges 900+ and up. Mine was 15. plus alterations total of 20. Thought it was reasonable as the quality is amazing! What is your date again?! Welcome to the board!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Sounds like you have it all set! Smith's Cove is gorgeous, had my en
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE how everything turned out! You look gorgeous and it so does the decor. Thanks for sharing Tori!! Congrats on your wedding!!!
  16. Kristin, If you are already working with Desiree from GOH then you may not need another coordinator. Unless, are you having your ceremony elsewhere? I can't remember if you said, sorry!! I am doing everything at Caribbean Club which is why I needed a day of person... 140 a centerpiece though? What kind of flowers are you using? That seems high to me... There is a new florist on island, Molly just gave me the name the other day,Flower Dell, said shes been doing alot of amazing work with her lately, I am awaiting my quote next week some time. Creativent services are posted on their we
  17. @diane - creativentcayman@hotmail.com there are 3 of them Molly, Carol, and Cindy. I have heard they are all wonderful I think the website is creativentcayman.com They are the only ones I be found who just do day of services... thanks so much for the name of that salon too def going to check it out!! Hi Kristin!! Welcome! I know I'm a bit behind the ball here as its been like a month now but I just started a new job and can't get on here as often. Aaron does great work, I think he works within picture this... As for the Marriott, we are staying there 2 nights before Carib
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