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  1. Good for you, Unfortunately I had to do the same before I got results. They didn't wanna lost 30+ guests over a disagreement. Good luck and get it ALL in writing!
  2. Hello Brides, I was married at ROR in 2011 and I still get updates form this site. I had to chime in on this one. First off, they have NO right to force anyone to get a private room that has over 40 people. NOWHERE on the website does it say that. They can't just make up rules. they get you to book and then spring rules on you. talk to the sales department, (the people you book with before getting hooked up with keisha) and threaten to take your business elsewhere. Get it in writing when they retract their statements and BRING ALL DOCUMENTS WITH YOU. They have to honor what is stated on the website. Don't let them bully you into paying more, cause they will try. The free package says semi private dinner for 10 guests, I paid for 35 she waived the extra 10.50 pp for extra cake and sparkling wine & toast. (because it wasn't stated in my original paperwork) I was not forced into a private dinner. as long as 80% of my guests stayed at the hotel I was told that 40+ was fine. my original number was 40 in fact. good luck, give em hell! PS: I'm glad they didn't charge me for additional cake it was the standard size anyway. for more info and pics check out my review
  3. @ mfrazier that song was an obvious choice for us. we are old skool thru and thru! Congrats to you!
  4. These are the quotes I rec'd for my Sept. 2011 wedding: First Option: Plantation Restaurant Schedule 6:30pm & 8:30pm= (schedule subject to availability) Prices: $500usd for 2 hour & $ 1,000usd for 4 hours= (schedule subject to availability) This includes dinner set up, menu and with dinner is served red and white wine ,sodas, juices and beer. Open bar can be added at a cost of $10usd per person *** DJ can be added.= $150usd per hour * The latest time is at 11:00pm Second Option: Poolside OR Beach bar receptions:(locations are subject to availability and have an additional cost) * Required a minimum of 20 persons . * Price: $ 55usd per person * Includes buffet menu, open bar and dinner set up. *** DJ can be added.= $150usd per hour * The latest time is at 11:00pm Third Option: Mamee Bay Steakhouse: (semi private dinner) Schedule 6:30pm Price: FREE Includes: dinner served with red and white wines, soda, juice, and beer. (the bar is about 50 steps away if you want something stronger). Free wedding cake and sparkling wine toast. Fourth Option: After dinner, the cost for the beach reception is $15usd per person which includes bar, lighting, tiki torches and beach chairs in semi circle. If you are interesting to have a Dj the cost is $150.00usd With the Private dinner or Semi Private dinner, your on-site wedding coordinator will accommodate your reception in the venue that fits better with your wedding party. As I mentioned before the locations are subject to availability and Keisha Adams handles the scheduling of each one.
  5. 5pm reception might be cutting it close. Your ceremony will be like 15-20 minutes and that doesn't leave u too long for pics before your 6:30 reception. BTW ALL receptions start at 6:30pm. As for the chairs its part of the decor and Tai Flora will charge u for the chairs and the sashes, flowers, aisle runner (the white draping is free) delivery, tax and anything else they can name. ask for a quote TaiFlora.com. Also, if you use an outside photographer there is a $350 vendor fee that you have to pay in order for them to take pics there. If you plan to use the hotel's videographer you have to use THE RESORTS PHOTOGRAPHER. I flew in my photographer and paid for his stay as a guest for the weekend (vendor fee was waived!)
  6. the tent, lighting, flowers and decor is done by Tai Flora, ask them for a quote. Things change constantly so I would email your coordinator Keisha Adams: (mice.ori@riu.com) and tell her your interested in the beach reception, tell her what you want and get a quote. Then contact Tai Flora and show them this picture they will give you a quote for the tent and the decor: www.taiflora.com. They have a few weddings a day and all of them start at 6:30pm so the beach area is first come first serve.
  7. This was 3:00pm you should be fine for pics at 3. other note: weddings are usually scheduled every 2 hours, so you don't have a long time to take pics near the gazebo. after your 15 minute ceremony that leaves you a little over an hour. now u can take pics anywhere on the resort so when u get there scout out the hotel for places you love. Question... when u say cocktail reception do u mean in place of the reception dinner or a private rental for cocktail hour??
  8. well the bright side is you won't have a huge glare in the pictures form the HIGH NOON sun. Are there any more times avail? What my photographer did was he did a lot of the bridal party pics in designated places in the hotel: balconies, stairwells, gardens, don't worry about the sun you can find places to take good pics. after the guys got dressed he did their pics, after the girls got dressed he got us. so after the wedding was done he only had to worry about family and our candid fun shots.
  9. 1:00 is is very sunny and hot, I did 3pm, and I was fine (the ceremony was 15 min). instead of hiring the steel drum band I downloaded steel drum music. after we were married it played while we enjoyed rum punch and started pictures. that gave people time to go freshen up and meet at the bar, where we ordered cocktails until our table was ready... free! I think 5:00 is cutting it you plan to have a cocktail hour. I wish they would be more clear when you book, thank god for this site. hope this helps. for the record I didn't see anyone use the steel drum band, and I watched weddings from my suite everyday that I was there (10 days)
  10. also since my girls wore dark teal the free flowers didn't exactly match. too many colors for me. takes away from the simplicity of the beach wedding. thats why I didn't go with them. it was hard to even find a single blue - like flower on that island LOL. I have the catalog they sent me if your interested? inbox me ur email and I will gladly send.
  11. I did NOT use Tai at all.. I brought my own real touch flowers. thats right 4 bouq., 4 bout., and 2 corsages. spent about $150 for the flowers ribbon and accessories (free shipipng) and the hotel provided flowers on the gazebo from the hotel garden. I brought my own organza ribbon for the white folding chairs on the beach, and my own aisle markers made of rafia, curling ribbon, and a starfish on each (6 markers in total) oh and BTW I bought an aisle runner from another bride on this site I packed it in my husband's suit bag and he carried it on the plane. all the other flowers were carried my a few of my guests who flew Caribbean Airlines (since there is no baggage fee) I got married in september and my flowers are STILL in great shape, i was even able to bring them home and use them again for my at home reception. The beach area is beautiful enough no need to over do it with too many flowers, I see people do that on here all the time, they dress their ceremony site like the are dressing a church. remember beach weddings are kind of simple, not draped with every ounce of tulle or ribbon u can find. Chair sashes do make the difference on the white chairs but again not required. NOTE: for the ceremony site all rose petals thrown on the beach MUST BE REAL or they won't let u use them.
  12. All Receptions Start at 6:30. For Semi Private your choice is Mamee Bay Restaurant: Private Receptions Locations include: Poolside (cost is per head and you have to pay per hour for a DJ): Plantation Restaurant (you have to pay for open bar, DJ by the hour and room rental fee $500-$1000US): Beach Party: I don't have pics of that, but you also have to pay for a dj by the hour as well as cost for open bar per person. OPTION: you can rent the disco after dinner for 2 hours privately. it comes with the dj and open bar.
  13. update: I am glad I didn't purchase magnets. It was VERY HUMID when I was at the resort. I had absolutely no intentions on leaving my balcony door open. I kept it shut to keep the cool air in. It was so humid that I had to bring my bathing suit in my suite to dry. it never dried while hanging on my balcony. Save your money keep the door shut!
  14. I booked when I got to the resort with a company called Scuba Caribe, they sit right in the lobby. we set sail at 10:00am includes snorkling, rum punch, and the cost of climbing the falls. we paid $42 pp. (well the guests paid)
  15. Thanks for reading! You know whats crazy ( someone brought this to my attention ): 6+7+8 = 21 and 2+1= 3 (again from the yahoo story, not planned) 9+10+11 = 30 and 3+0 = 3 (we wanted september but we didn't want the holiday weekend so this was the next best choice) the distance between both dates 3 months, 3 hours, and 3 days away. (wasn't planned this way at all) the time we got married because of availability 3:00pm Freaky right... I don' t know anything about numerology but does anyone have a clue about it?
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