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I tried adding Le Kliff to the resort review area, but no luck. I wanted to give this info because when I was looking for information about Le Kliff, there was not a lot. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message.  All in all, it was the best day of our lives!


We began our planning for our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta in June of 2010. We had settled on Dreams PV and were set to go. However, we began to experiences a lot of problems with the wedding coordinators at Dreams about 1.5 months before our wedding. With very little time left, we began searching for a new venue. With a quick google search, I found Le Kliff. Carlos replied to my email right away - luck was on our side, and Le Kliff was available! We canceled Dreams and began planning all over again. We both had moments that we thought we were crazy for doing this, but once we arrived, we had no worries!


From the very beginning, Carlos was warm and accommodating. We had no worries at all during the process of planning over email. We had already hired an outside wedding coordinator when we started having problems at Dreams. The wedding coordinator handled some things, like flowers, centerpieces and cake. Carlos handled the rest, including the reception details, the floral arch for the ceremony, and the DJ.I have no doubt that Carlos could have handled every aspect of our day without the help of our other coordinator.


We saw Le Kliff in person for the first time the day before our wedding. When we walked in, I was overcome by the beauty - I had to hold back tears! I knew we made the right decision, even for just the view! Carlos was truly a nice person - I could tell he really wanted our wedding to be amazing. He even expressed how sorry he was for the problems we had at Dreams.


Our wedding day went off perfectly.  Our ceremony took place at 6pm, which was still very hot! After we were pronounced husband and wife, we heard all of this noise, like horns and maracas coming from above. We looked up and saw all of the staff cheering for us - it is one of my favorite memories!


During pictures/cocktail hour, a mother whale and her calf made an appearance very close to the ceremony location! We were thrilled and our guests could not stop talking about it.


Dinner was wonderful - goat cheese salad, perfectly medium steak with large shrimp, ice cream, and wedding cake. Everyone was very impressed with the meal - especially the steak so uniformly cooked for 40 people. 


The DJ that Carlos hired for us was awesome! I provided him with a list of all the music we wanted, but he had everything anyone requested. We danced until 12 am - we really had so much fun!


The service was outstanding. I think the waiters had a bet about which one could serve the most drinks! They were also fun and got our guests dancing in the beginning.


Words really cannot express how thrilled we were with our whole experience. Pictures also do not do Le Kliff justice. Our guests cannot stop talking about the "celebrity" wedding they went to in Puerto Vallarta.  I still get teary thinking about how amazing our wedding was.


The day after my husband and I got home from our honeymoon, we were watching a tv show about lottery winners. One couple threw their "dream wedding." My husband asked what I would change about our wedding if we won the lottery - I said "absolutely nothing!" and he agreed.    


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Glad to hear that everything turned out so well! I've heard Le Kliff is supposed to be beautiful and that the food is supposed to be great! We are getting married at Dreams but will definitely have to travel there for dinner one of the nights we are there! You should definitely post pics when you get a chance, would love to see them! :)

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Congratulations! I am so happy for you.


I too am getting married at Lekliff in November. Carlos as been wonderful and hope things go as well for me as they did for you!


How did you and your guests get to and from Lekliff?

Was it a long walk to the cliff and beach area?


Thank you for your time,


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Hey Jessica!


You will love it! 


We arranged for taxi vans the day before with our concierge at Dreams. Not sure where you are staying, but that seemed to be the most reasonable option. We looked into renting a bus, but it cost $400. We wanted everyone to travel together so no one got nervous about making it there. Each van held 8 people and the total was around $40 each way. 


The walk to the cliff for the ceremony is long! There are a lot of stairs, which im sure you are aware of. I wore heels, cause I was hell bent on it. It was a difficult walk! The walk to the beach for pics was very long and very hot. At one point I thought I was going to faint! Carlos was right there though and brought us water and whatever we wanted. I seriously felt like I was going to throw up at one point, I was so hot! But in all honesty, the pictures are so amazing and it was sooooo worth it! 


My only regret is wearing heels. I really don't like flats, but I wish I wore them. The dance floor at Le Kliff was very uneven (rocky) so I ended up wearing flip flops and my dress was hemmed for heels, so I kept stepping on it and it was trashed!  We had our reception on a different level than the one they usually hold it on (the main floor was booked), so you may want to ask carlos what the surface is like ont he main deck. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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I read that you left Lekliff at Midnight, did you have any problems getting back that late? I know I am so scared of falling! I bought wedges and will be bringing flip flops. How hot was it when you went? I am really scared of it being hot to where I will get sick. I am worried that may be I should pick a place on the beach and then just have the reception at Lekliff with pics.



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So sorry I hit submit before I was even done! :) If you don't mind sharing how much did your DJ cost? Did you have an minister from there perform the ceremony? If so how much was it and was the English understandable? Was your wedding dress heavy in fabric?


I really appreciate you responding!!

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No problem.


You will meet with Carlos the day before for a rehearsal and you can tell him then that you will need him to call vans. It was no problem. We even had a guest that had too much to drink and Carlos took care of it(got a cab and sent him back) without us even knowing!  (he didn't kick him out or anything - the guest did not want us to know and felt bad so carlos just handled it)


I'd say my dress was medium heavy, I purposely did not get one with tons of crinolin underneath. It was all lace on the top layer, which kept getting snagged on the steps. I think wedges would be perfect! I wish I had done that! 


It was about 85 degrees. We moved the ceremony later so we did not get caught after sunset. Im sure you would want the same. The problem was that during the ceremony, the sun was right above us and it just beat down. I am generally a hot person and sweat a lot (like all the time), so that was not super fun. But seriously, it was sooooo worth. I also wore spanx under my dress which was stupid because it added an extra layer and that was just dumb. They came off right after pictures!


The dj was 500, plus we tipped I think like 25. I know our guests gave him money too. That was a great deal compared to what I saw other djs charge. Dreams wanted 650 for 3 hrs. This guy dj'd for almost 6 and he was very good. 


We did not use the officiant from Le KLiff, but I wish we did. I found her on the internet. I cannot remember her name right now, but she also offers dj services(i think her husband does that). She was not friendly and even some guests commented how miserable she looked. She also complained on the length of our ceremony (we put it together ourselves).


I hope that helps and no problem any other question you might have!

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If you are looking for the best music for your wedding please check my pages:

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Greetings from Puerto Vallarta



Thanks! congratulations!!!

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