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NH Real Arena, Ocean Sands/Blue or Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica?! Help.

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I haven't had any problems with them at all!!! 


Originally Posted by meeshie77 View Post

JayKay: That's so great to hear!!! I will have to put them back on my list since I heard what a fabulous resort it is!  Thanks for updating me; I really appreciate it!  Congratulations on finding your place!!!  I'm still looking *sigh*.  Would you mind sharing, either on the forum, or in a private message, what your guests will be paying pp?


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I have to agree with JayKay.. Im getting married at Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay in August. I have been in contact with the WC and Asst WC since September. I have written a hundred emails to them since Sept, and I find them easy to deal with. Every bride that I have spoken to that has already been married there, says they had  a great experience with the WC once they arrived at the resort in the days before the wedding and day of their wedding.

I got an all inclusive package, taxes and everything included, leaving from Toronto for my guests for about $1450.

Hope this helps:)

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