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  1. If any brides on here plan to use Shutterfly for Thank you cards, photos or anything else , I have three codes for 10% off your purchase from their site. They expire April 30th. The codes are : W8P3-BS7H-HA9A-JHUMVN W8P3-65VY-720F-XBZ3GP W8P3-E593-3NAX-FT6MZZ Enjoy!
  2. Katelynn, Im sorry you are going through that! I think it will become an issue for myself as well. What you described sounds exactly like my situation too. I also dont want to do speeches or the traditional dances. My FI is always concerned with pleasing his parents, so I hope they just leave us alone and let us do it the way we want to do it. Our wedding and travel dates have been changed for his parents already. So I really hope there is no more interference. But I'm quoting ACW's advice because it was great!! Thanks Acw for the wonderful suggestions on how to deal with the situation. You have helped me out possibly too, in case I also run into this situation.
  3. lsmith211, Im so glad you had a great time. Hope married life is treating you good
  4. Congrats TMwedding 2011!!! Im so glad it went well for you. Hope you are enjoying married life. Post some pics if you can, I would love to see them
  5. Fools Rush In = Salma Hayek
  6. The Whole Nine Yards = Matthew Perry
  7. Ghost Rider = Nicholas Cage
  8. Congrats meeshie. Thats great news
  9. 6 days!!! good luck cassierose! I hope your day is wonderful. You must be so excited! I hope the weather cooperates for you. Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back.
  10. Thanks katelynn, Im sure I will become obsessed with that website and check it every day now too, like I do with about a million other wedding related websites!! haha I CANNOT wait to go to Jamaica!!!
  11. Thanks for the picture schayer! They are different than the picturs of the ones I've seen before. They are really nice! Hope you are enjoying being a newlywed!
  12. scahyer, what color was the menu that they made for you? was it printed on white paper? I saw some pics of them before but they were printed on yellow paper.
  13. Sordid Lives = Beau Bridges
  14. Welcome LOKeefe!! Good luck with your planning It is so nice that you are going back to the resort to get married, since you got engaged there last year!!
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