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Jamaica Wedding Planning!

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Beaches Resort Negril, Jamaica


After a month of switching my colors around I have finally decided! My FI and I have decided on all whites, Ivory's, and light green!

We thought the nice simple whites would compliment the ocean background beautifully.


OOT Bag Ideas: (Open for ideas):


Oot bags will be white with a logo printed on the front. (Not a reusable bag) Filled with white tissue paper


1) Kiehls vital sun protection lotion SPF 30 (1 per bag)

2) Kiehls deluxe hand & body lotion with Aloe & Oatmeal (1 per bag)

3) Grandma Lulus sand dollar cookies (15 per bag) in cellophane bags

4) Light green rock candy wrapped up in clear baggies

5) Personalized Travel Mugs for the all-inclusive drinks!


I have decided that I am going to have white peonies, hydrangea's, and roses for my flowers. Tons of them everywhere! I am actually looking into real touch flowers and would love input about these flowers and how they actually feel/look in person....


I am getting personalized pashminas for each women attending the ceremony. These are going to be white and embroidered with there first name in a caramel color and will be on the back of their chair at the ceremony!


The invitations are going to be made by papermints.com




That is a sample of what our invitation will look like!


Any ideas are welcome. I am still in the beginning stages of planning and i LOVE all of the input!



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The green is so pretty!


I was going to go with real touch flowers but decided against it.  I didn't want to have to worry about transporting them down there and I also didn't want to regret not having real ones.  I love peonies and hydrangeas :)  I'm hoping to have hydrangeas for my flowers.

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That is actually SO true that is the one thing I am worried about is transporting them not just them but EVERYTHING! I hate that the resort will not let me ship anything but I guess it will be much less to just pay for the extra suitcase then pay for shipping to Jamaica.

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I love the colors you have picked!!

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