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Our DIY STD Postcards + Magnets with photos, FREE from Vistaprint!!

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I just went and grabbed one to remind myself what they were like, LOL! I have "bride brain" at the moment! They weren't super thick but they were by no means too thin, think they were perfect thickness to be honest. We put them into envelopes with the magnets to mail out, but had we chosen to just send them as postcards only (which we did consider), they were absolutely thick and sturdy enough to survive the mail. I'm glad we added the magnets though and sent them in those pink envelopes from Paper and More. We then tied our invitations in to matching that theme. This is the link to my DIY invites ....... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/74340/joanne-s-diy-boarding-pass-invitations-with-photos-and-template

Everyone loved the invites.


Originally Posted by Skygirl View Post

hey joanne, when u printed ur STD  cards from vistaprint. How was the thickness of the cards?was really thinn?or not to bad...tnx


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