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Does anyone know anything about the DJ that the resort uses? I don't know if I need to hire someone on my own or if they include someone (like with the photographer). And does anyone think that it's worth the extra money to get an MC? I'm not even sure what an MC would do other than introduce us and the bridal party. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hello Tammy


No I don't know anything about a local MC down there, however I am not sure if this helps you but I just downloaded an app on the iphone called "WeddingDJ" and you can put all of your songs on there to play.  We went to a local wedding recently and they used it and it was great.  I didn't even notice there was no DJ/MC.  They did have someone responsible for it (which they just had to press play at the appropriate time and introduced the couple) and it was as simple as that!


If you have any questions, hopefully I can try to help.



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