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  1. I am getting married in November at the Melai Caribe. I am coming in on a Wednesday and getting married on Friday. My WC told us this was fine. My Travel agent also told me that it was 48 hrs in advance and that's fine.
  2. Does anyone have a resort map of the Melia Caribe Tropical? Im trying to incorporate it in the welcome books that I am doing. I saw a few online but they are cutoff at the bottom. It would really help! Thanks!
  3. KyraJohnson, your OOT bags are cute. I found some at Dollar Tree, but have yet to purchase anything to go in them! We are getting married on 11/18/11 at the Melia in the garden gazebo. What location dd you choose? We have 51 people booked thus far !!!! I never expcetd so mant people but I feel blessed. What package did you choose?
  4. Awesome book.... do you have the template you actually used? I downloaded alyee's but I'm not able to shift everything. Can you send me a PM please.... Thanks!
  5. Hi Ladies: My wedding day is fastly approaching, and I am trying to decide on some details for that day. Have any of you had a private reception at the Melia? We have about 55 people booked so far and I am trying to figure out if I want the private reception or should I just have a dinner in one of the restaurants. I love the amphitheatre... It seems a little absurd to pay for a bartender for a private reception versus not having to with a dinner! Just my 2 cents... Does the resort work with you on pricing? Why should I have to pay for a bartender when the resort is all -inclusive? I would appreciate your opinions on this.
  6. At Astef, the earlier the better. I confirmed my wedding date in December, sent packets out right after New Years. My wedding is on November 18, so I had my travel agent put together 2 packages (3 or 4 nights). If they booked before March, they stayed below $1200. After mid-March, airfare slowly creaped up and now its about $1675 at the cheapest, $1900 at the highest. I would suggest at least 8-12 months in advance. It gives everyone time to space out payment options. Just my 2 cents....
  7. Hi Ladies: My wedding is approaching rather quickly ( 11/18/11). I was wondering if anyone out there got married at the Melia and could give me any tips on wedding packages, negotiations, etc. My headcount is around 50 people (more than we expected) and most have booked royal service rooms. I am just getting nervous about cost now! HELP!!!!!
  8. Hello to all of the Melia Caribe Tropical Brides..... I am getting married on November 18, 2011 at the Melia and have a few questions. Does anyone know what kinds of decoration upgrades you can get for the garden gazebo, as far as chairs, flowers, etc.? I am looking to upgrade my original package to the tropical fairy tale package but wanted to upgrade the decor of the gazebo. Also, has anyone had a private reception at the amphitheatre? Or any suggestions on locations for a private reception. Thanks!!!!
  9. Hi Ladies: Melia Caribe Tropical..... November 18, 2011.....
  10. Congrats to you! I am also getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical that same weekend, Friday the 18th to be exact! If you are having a legal ceremony, you do have to wait for the WC to contact you with a confirmation. I received a call and email a few days ago....
  11. Hi, I'm thinking about having my wedding there next year. Can you please email me the brochures and prices that you attached? I couldn't open them. kristimichelle1975@yahoo.com Thanks!
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