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Just Became a Royal Cancun Bride and I already need your help:)

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#1 mexicobride422

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    Posted 07 February 2011 - 12:01 PM

    Hi ladies:)


    Although I have been lurking around this site for a few months, it wasn't until about ten minutes ago that I became an official Royal Cancun bride! I am sooooo excited!! My fiance and I will be getting married on April 22, 2012 (our seven year anniversary!)


    Even though I literally just put down the deposit, I am already wondering if I made my first mistake.. We really want our ceremony to take place just as the sun is setting and its a bit on the "cooler" outside.. The wedding coordinator advised me that my requested time of 5:00 would be too late and that by the time the ceremony would be over it would be too dark to take pictures... So we now have a 4:00 ceremony.. Which I feel is so early..


    I have checked the sunset times for April and on average its about 530pm... Now I am just confused.. HELP!


    Would a 5:00 ceremony be too late?

    #2 KathyW

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      Posted 28 February 2011 - 11:59 PM

      Hi just saw your post...Im getting married at the Royal this April 6th (our 6 yr annaversary) and we have a 5pm ceremony time. I was never told that would be too late so Im thinking 5 will be just fine...Ill let you know tho after I return :)
      33 booked including bride and groom

      #3 MelDab

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        Posted 01 March 2011 - 04:55 PM

        Hi!  I'm a Royal Cancun bride and have had the most awful experience. I advise that you make all of your decisions early, and get the contract locked up.


        I went out to do my site visit 10/28/10, and immediately, while still on hotel property emailed my coordinator all of our questions, and desired locations for all events.


        I never heard back for 2 months.  Finally heard back, and then we went back and forth on quite a bit.  DO NOT let them push you around on only serving one meal, or crap like that.


        Either way, we were finally ready to get the contract signed, I thought I had everything nailed down, down the the menu, and while I was told things were reserved, they weren't and hadn't been since NOVEMBER!  I just found out about this last week, so we're basically having to start all over.  We're getting married at the chapel at the Gran Caribe at 5 on June 6th, but don't really have much else.  Well, we do have about 80 people booked for the wedding so that's a plus. Now I just need to know where to put them.


        I've gone through the ringer with them, so PLEASE reach out if you have any issues or need any advice.  Also, calling them is WAY better that doing things over email. We learned the hard way.


        It's a beautiful resort, and I know everything is going to turn out absolutely beautifully for your wedding.  Just don't want you to make the same mistakes I did!!!!





        #4 mexicobride422

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          Posted 17 March 2011 - 06:51 AM

          KathyW-- I am so excited for you..! I can't wait until I am only weeks away until my wedding.. I would be so grateful for any news and advice you bring back from your wedding! I have been peaking in on the beach webcam around 5:00 to see exactly how the sun is setting.. My fiance thinks I am crazy.. LOL.. We are having a beach ceremony at The Royal, followed by our cocktail hour by the gazebo and our reception at Villas Terrace at The Gran.. Were hoping to do a site visit this summer but prices are so expensive=/ I would love any pics or insight that you may have..


          Melissa- I am so sorry for your bad experiences:( Crossing my fingers that things will be less stress-free from this point on.. So far, we have signed the wedding contract.. My WC (Angie S.) set up the basecamp account and was pretty good with responding to my questions.. BUT.. two weeks ago I sent her an entire list of questions and she has yet to respond to me.. I had read from other ladies how horrible their WC's were during the planning process and I thought I got lucky with Angie.. I emailed her again this past Friday and she emailed me back immediately saying that she was very sorry and that she was going to be completely honest with me that she is extremely busy planning this April/May weddings and that she would get back to me over the weekend.. It's now Thursday and still no response... I completely understand she is busy and I don't want to get all psycho bridezilla, but I do want to just get certain things out of the way..


          I am glad you brought up the menu.. At first she told me that I was only allowed to pick one entree (which is completely ridiculous) and after begging her she finally allowed two... But my fiance is really unhappy about it (rightfully so) and doesn't understand why we can't be allowed three options, if we are going to keep track of everything and make the place cards.. How did you handle this situation? I would love any advice! I will private message you if I think of anything.. I hope thats okay!!




          Congrats to you both!

          #5 KathyW

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            Posted 17 March 2011 - 08:30 PM

            I will definitely be posting a review and pics when I return, trust me after being on here for the past 10 months I know how important seeing reviews and pics from other brides is.... So stay tuned and wish me luck that we are able to have a good experience as we are stuck with Flora for our onsite WC which I havent seen to many good reviews on here about her... iyiyi

            33 booked including bride and groom

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