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I am looking into the pricing for renting out a catamaran for either a rehearsal dinner or for a snorkeling day trip.  Can anyone recommend a good company and/or pricing info if you have done this.  Thanks!! 

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I agree, I've looked at a few companies and they seem to have the best prices/reviews. From what I've seen, most places charge a fee per person, where as Paradise charges a base price based on # of guests/length of tour (its worked out cheaper this way every time I've calculated it) The owner seems really nice and they responded to my questions very quickly too. I really want to do the sunset sailing as a "thank you" to our guests the night after our wedding, but I'll have to see how many people are going and if we can budget it in.


Here's their website: http://www.paradisecatamarans.com/

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Have a look at Paradise Catamarans, they have excellent reviews, we are going to book them for a sunset cruise on our wedding day. Good prices too.


Kerrie x

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