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  1. Agustin was one of the most important pieces to our wedding. Our original plan was to go with photography alone, looking back that would be the biggest mistake of our wedding. We are a New York couple with pretty high standards. For the past few years we have attended a great deal of weddings and watched a great deal of videos. With out being biased we truly feel our video was the best. The documentary style shooting with amazing editing and the fastest delivery of the final product really sets augastine apart from the rest. He was amazing, very easy to work with, responsible, professional, flexible, he was truly the best. We gave his contact info to our wedding planer and we can honestly vouch for him to any one that needs an opinion. If you are looking for video please don't look any further just reserve augaustin and you special day will be a blockbuster. www.cinematicrivieramaya.com info@cinematicrivieramaya.com
  2. Hi everyone We are looking for a videographer for a Cancun wedding. Any recommendations?
  3. I can't download it to see it. =(. Can you email it to me? Would love to see it! mariaandgene@gmail.com
  4. Could you give me his contact information? Just booked our site visit and want to make arrangements with vendors. So exciting!!!
  5. Wow...it seems like everyone is way ahead of me =) Any recommendations for: Videographer DJ Hair/Make-up Florist Also, what do you girls recommend to do/pay attention to during site visit? Thanks!!
  6. hi girls...I am getting married at ME in June. Going to visit it in March. I heard many wonderful things about it but I'd love to hear more ideas.
  7. I am getting married there in June. I'd love to hear your experience and any suggestions. Who are you using for vendors? etc..
  8. Thanks! If you have anyother suggestions, send em my way. =) Have you girls sent out your invites?
  9. I'd love to see the basic spanish booklet! my email is mariaandgene@gmail.com
  10. I'm a June 11 bride too!! I'm getting married at the ME Cancun. So much to do!! Got my dress, so glad that is done with. What are you girls thinking of for gift bags? Also, any vendor suggestions?
  11. Any tips/suggestions to prepare for site visit? What should we pay attention to during the visit? Thanks!!
  12. Hi everyone, We are having a Jewish wedding in Cancun. We are both Jewish but not religious and need a Rabbi or Cantor to do our wedding. We don't have either. Any advice would be great!
  13. That was one of the things we really wanted. We wanted people to go and fully enjoy themselves and not worry about spending the additional money.
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