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Any September 2011 Jamaica brides on here?

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Well done ladies for getting this far!! Cannot believe how little time is left...


All I have to do is:


pick up dress tomorrow

finish up packing

spread all my champers out amongst the guests suitcases :)

find someone to make our cake

check the band are actually going to show up

find someone to do our hair

find a casino company :(


But I am feeling great about everything which is great. I leave here (UK) in 10 days!!! Fiance is already out there with family so I will have about 3 weeks out there to get our act together.


Best of luck...we don't need it...we own these weddings! :)


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Right now I'm in between where to have my TTD. If I we do it Negril two days after our wedding (actually 3), I would have to dress my dress with me. However if I do it the very next morning after the wedding, I could simply give my mom my dress to bring back home and go to my honeymoon dress free. My photographer's boss is telling me that Iberostar is big enough to take pictures, but my thing I don't want our guests seeing us, you know what I mean? I'd rather go off property somewhere. I took cut the wedding survival kit. I'm still doing the OOT bags but keeping it simple. How many guests are attending your wedding?

Originally Posted by akamikey11 View Post

ok so let's see...


I am doing a TTD two days after the wedding from my honeymoon spot in Negril...I do not know where we are going..I am leaving that up to the photographer..but I told her what I was looking for and wanted.


I had to change a lot of stuff do to budget...so I am keeping it really simple..because at the end of the day...I am not going broke to make sure everyone else is having a good time.


NO OOT BAGS....this one really hurt the most...but it had to be done...plus I still can't get an accurate head count..and I am not going to try and track down 100+ grown adults that cant seem to respond to the invite or emails


Fans and bubbles for ceremony-check

programs--still deciding

ordered flower arrangements for the beach huppa-check

bells for the reception-check

documents notarized-check

all vendors contracted-check

ceremony script-check


things to do-

make cd for ceremony and first dances.

mail documents to resort

pick up dress from alterations

order grooms and son's outfit---yeah i know..that one is on him..I gave FI one job to do....hehe






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The one thing that my FI wanted was to get away as fast as we can...hehe...we are checking out Monday afternoon, so I didn't want to have to wake up earlier to get dolled back up for the TTD and try to fit it in before we are suppose to check out...plus I would like to sleep in...:)


That is why I decided to have it a couple of days later..


We are staying at the moon dance cliff resorts in Negril...I can't wait...we went overboard on the honeymoon..but we soooooo deserve it.


I just mailed off my documents to the resort.....I think that is when I was like...wow this is really happening.

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I can't believe I am just now finding this thread!  I am getting married on 9.10.11 at The Grand Palladium.  We are so close!  We are leaving GP on the 11th and heading to Tensing Pen in Negril for our honeymoon. 

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Is everyone going to Negril for the honeymoon? Did I miss the memo? lol If I did not have everything paid for I would totally head to Negril for the Honeymoon. Maybe I would just have to tell fiance we have to make up for it by going next year. lol

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We've decided to our TTD the morning after our wedding. Much easier for me and I can just gave my mom and best friend my dress to bring back home while my then new husband and I head off to our honeymoon! 3 weeks to goooooo!!

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Wedding twins**  I wish I was doing a TTD too, but since we are having an AHR we decided to do it simple in Jamaica :) I feel you on the budget!!

Originally Posted by hdinsmor View Post

I'm not doing a ttd, and I'm so sad! Wish I had a bigger budget! Lol!


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