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@Pinklilikoi- Eeee!! Isn't she the best?! Tell Della that 'Tami says hi' next time you talk to her. We had THE BEST time planning my wedding. Honestly- Della works magic with flowers... and everything she touches for that matter. 


I know they aren't for everyone- but you should look into Proteas. Della lives on a Protea Flower farm and has them coming out of her ears. I bet cost on those flowers would be really low. Besides, I think they are such an exotic and cool and Maui-licious flower, it could be really neat and unique. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I wish I'd thought of it for my own wedding.


Dellables is also on Facebook AND they have a blog that they really keep on top of. Again, you should check them out. I still stalk her even though we've been married for over 9 months :) 

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Thanks. It's been 9 months but it still seems like yesterday. :)


FYI- I only jumped on these boards again bc. I was getting a lot of PMs. However, life is hectic and I have a new house to paint! So if you need anything else- feel free to PM me (I'll get notification through my email). Otherwise, I'm signing off for now  


Best of luck and just know- you wedding will be what you put into it!! 

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