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I can't believe it's time to send out STDs already. It has been exactly 4 months since we got engaged and I have gone through a whole range of emotions, from confused to now happiness!  Planning is going great.  The only stress I've had until now is my FH's father threatening not to attend the wedding because we wouldn't invite random people that he wants to invite.  Well we survived that drama, and the planning continues.  


Thanks to fellow member skadow, who shared her template with me. Because of her I have these wonderful boarding pass STDs.  Thanks girl, I hope your planning is also going well.  Without further ado, here they are.  I haven't taken a picture of the printed ones as yet, but will definitely include in my planning thread.





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I couldn't have done it without Sara. Her design, her template.  Thanks so much ladies. I hope your planning experience is going wonderfully also.

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