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Contacted Jan's one last time and I'm so glad that I did! We finally got back in touch and my grand total for my bouquet, six bridesmaid bouquets, delivery and tax was less than $400!


Also, if any of you are getting married at Grand Palladium and using a florist that isn't Tai Flora (their vendor) for only bouquets,  make that clear to your WC. On my Couples Synopsis, I didn't mention that Jan's was only doing bouquets and wouldn't need to set up any centerpieces and my WC tried to charge me an additional $300 for the vendor fee. Once I told her that I they were only delivering bouquets, she said that would be fine and didn't charge me.

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Hello All!  I got married in August 2013 and used a local florist for my flowers and she did an absolutely beautiful job for half the price that Tai had quoted me.  I sent her pictures of what I wanted and my colour theme and she did an amazing job!!  My husband has family in JA (Montego Bay) so his sister found this florist for me and I am happy that she did.  Her name is Mellissa and very nice.  I ordered 5 bridemaid bouquets, my bouquet, 6 men's boutinneers (sp?), 6 centerpieces and it came to $600.  Of course this all depends on the flowers you are chosing as well.  I avoided the vendor fee by having my nephews and groom go to the front gates to pick up the order. We got married at the RIU MoBay so the gates are about 100 feet away from main reception so this made it easier.  Her email address is below if anyone wants to reach her.  Let her know that you got her name on the forum from a wedding she did in August just in case she wonders...LOL!




Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to see pictures of our flowers.




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