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Need help with wedding colors!

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I'm getting married in June 2011 and have a lot of projects on the go, and it is definitely time to figure out my color scheme. I have been trying to decide for soo long but it just isn't working! Ive looked on here and at inspiration boards...


I have always liked the blue colors...like a tiffany blue, aqua, teal, cobalt blue... so I'm trying to figure out how to make one or some of these colors work. I am thinking I'll probably have to pick a blue and have bright tropical flowers.


I just got an email from my WC with pictures of the sashes and I wasn't impressed. This is the only one I like really:


Claudia 087.jpg


So my question is....do you think I shoudl go with bridesmaid dresses that match these ties, or could I do a different type of blue? What about teal? I really don't want bright bridesmaid dresses like pink or orange. I'm just so confused and any input would help!


The only other thing I can think of is to somehow use red because there are red sashes as well and I've seen a few nice pics of red...

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There is an amazing site you should check out to help you with ideas:



Our colours are 2 shades of aqua/teal, a light brown sandy colour, with touches of berry just for fun.

Our girls are wearing darker teal and the boys are wearing an aqua colour, just so everyone isn't too matchy :)


Seriously check out the perfect palette site though, it's awesome!

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