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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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Whew! This definitely takes the pressure off of me!


So far this is what we have:


Jordana: 1/20/2011

Lizzdee: 1/2011

AnnMarie: 2/19/2011

Misti: 3/12/2011

Brandy: 4/2/2011

LaurenMarie: 5/21/2011


This is great! We have at least one wedding each month for the first five months of the year! Hockeymom and Michelle-2 are you guys still getting married at Beaches T&C?

Originally Posted by Brandy View Post

Looks like Ann Marie and Jordana are before you Misit!


How is the planning going Ladies??


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Just thought I'd post these to help those out who havent decided on a location...


Wedding Locations...Gazebo (2 locations) and Beach Location








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We are planning on having a 2-3 hour sit down dinner. I love the boardwalk area too! Im not sure how many people it holds or even if they do the sit down dinners there!! I see couches in the pics so im wondering if this is more of a cocktail reception area? Any thoughts or info!!!  Where are you guys doing dinner if you plan on doing one of the upgraded receptions?huh.gif

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Im not sure how many it holds, but there are locations that have water views so Im told by Monica, and out of those three that seems to have the best view of the water. I had asked her if they could do a reception on the beach but apparently they cannot all she told me was there are locations near the water though so Im going to choose whatever is closest to the water and so far it looks like the boardwalk is close, Im sure there are more locations than this though.


We are doing one of the upgraded receptions, I wont make a decision where until we get there so I can see all the locations.


Anyone doing a welcome dinner?

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Thanks for posting those pictures Brandy!  I am retarded and couldn't figure out how to attach them to a post, but now I think I've figured it out!  LOL 


I am going to have our 1 hour cocktail reception at the Boardwalk.  I cannot decide between the beach and the gazebo for the ceremony.  The beach is beautiful, but not very private and could be very hot; the gazebos offer some shade and more privacy, but I don't think the scenery is as pretty as the beach.  I probably will not decide until I get there and actually walk around w/ the onsite wedding coordinator and get a feel for everything.  I cannot wait to actually see some weddings at the resort on the first few days that we're there, before our big day!!

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