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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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Miss Jalli: I will be there from 5/15-5/23 maybe we will cross paths :)

Tdawn: congrats & welcome back!!!

  • Did you find there were tons of people gauking in their swimsuits during beach ceremony?
  • Did you use their speaker system to play music while you walked down the aisle?
  • how was the food at bar higuey? Centerpieces/decor?
  • Did you find that there were many added extras when it was all said and done?
  • please share pictures...oh and any chance you used Tropical Pictures for videography services ?

thanks again!

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Miss Jali- I had to reach out to them to get a confirmation for my deposit. Even then it was just a Yeah we got it, and wasn't until about two weeks later that i got an actual confirmation form.


TRi- I emailed you cause i cant figure out how to attach docs on the private messages here! :) 


TDawn- Congratulations and sounds like it was a blast!

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-I was really stressed out about people gauking at us during the ceremony but in the moment I wasn't even thinking about the people. There were definitely people watching but it wasn't nearly as bad as the gazebo. They clear all of the beach chairs away so the people can only come so close. I found that because our ceremony was at 5:00PM it was less crowded, if you can do that I would highly suggest the latest time possible. Also, it wasn't nearly as hot at 5:00PM.

-We had the Trio playing as I walked down the aisle and it was AMAZING! They also play after the ceremony while pictures are being done. This is included in the Tangerine package.

-REHERSAL DINNER: We had a private venue for our wedding rehersal in IBIZA 1 & IBIZA 2 which was a set menu at NO EXTRA CHARGE! We had 46 people and no restaurant will accomodate that large of a party all together so if I were you I would book it in one of those rooms as soon as possible and they will send you 2 menu options and you choose one. For that meal we chose: Caesar salad with shrimp, French onion soup, Striploin with Mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes SO GOOD!, and finally a chocolate souflee and everyone just loved the food.

-RECEPTION: The bar higuey IS BEAUTIFUL!!! They do a fantastic job decorating the venue. I was in awe when I walked in. The meal was amazing- Fish with a yummy sauce, parmesean risotto and vegetables, Creme broulee. All very good food! The Cake was AMAZING! Vanilla with strawberry filling

-We brought our own centerpieces because they seriously charge $65 per centerpiece which is ridiculous! That was the only downside to this at all was the wedding package and coordinator. They try and screw you with every little cost. Susana in my opinion was useless. I seriously met with her the day after we got there and my blood pressure was up by the end of it. So just let that go and everything will be fine. Everything was PERFECT though. We were seriously pissed because we wanted to add 1 extra hour so our wedding wouldn't be over at 10PM and they charged us $15 per/person and $238 for the DJ who played our music the whole time, which ended up being just under $1000. So we didn't tip the wedding coordinator, only the servers (Which were awesome).

-Tropical pictures was AMAZING. We already have our photos and they are so beautiful. We didn't do the video package.


Hope this helps!

I'll upload some pictures!

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Thanks TDawn!! Such a beautiful bride! Love your Allure dress, it was definetly one of my fav =)


What did you do for centerpieces, pics of them? Been going back and forth about this centerpiece thing, $65 per table is out of my budget.


As far as the DJ...did you bring an ipod with 3 hours worth of music? Did he have any music at all?


IBIZA 1 & IBIZA 2 where is this? Is a private area in one of the restaurants?

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TDawn! Oh my goodness!! You looked amazing!!! So did your girls and guys!! I love the guys outfits! And you are right Bar H was gorgeously decorated!


I do have a couple questions:


Did you do the cocktail hour? If so how was the food?


Did you get your hair done at the salon? It looked beautiful!


The robes you ladies have- I just ordered those yesterday! Were they comfortable? I was worried since they were made out of cotton they might be a little stiff.


Did you do any fun excursions?


Were there any "surprise" costs- like for instance them quoting you a price previously and then changing it once you got there? 


Thanks in advance!! 

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TDAWN!!! You looked beautiful! I almost had a heart attack when i saw your colors were the same as mine!! Did you tell them that was the color for the flowers? Where did you find your bridesmaids dresses? Ahh I'm so excited to see how well the colors played out against the natural background. When did you make the reservations for your rehearsal dinner so I can keep it in mind to do the same? Congratulations!! Everything came out wonderful and now I'm even more excited!

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