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  1. Hey ladies, We ended up paying $150 extra dollars for our baggage going down ( originally $300) but they gave us 50% off because we were getting married. On the way home we paid $75 extra. We did a seating chart even though we only had 46 people but it was nice being organized in that way and cost nothing to make. It's in my album in my profile.
  2. Trivera5521: Will you send me your email and I'll send you a picture of my centerpiece? Having issues!!!
  3. disazaja: The robes were a total hit! I'm so glad I bought them! I scheduled our hair appointments at the spa for 1PM and it was perfect because we were never rushed in any way. Just took our time getting ready and it was great! The bridal room that I got ready in was really convienient and pretty! They provided champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while we were in there and I brought 2 extra bottles of champagne so what Lianny said isn't true... we definitely didn't censor ourselves in the room, so i wouldn't be worried about getting kicked out or anything! It was me, my 4 bridemaids, my mom and my husbands mom. It was really nice.
  4. MissJali: I bought my dress December 2011 so I'm not sure where you would find it now! Susana will type up an itinerary for you after you meet with her (Which I wasn't aware of) so I made a "general" one for our guests. But depending on where your ceremony is you can tell her where you want everyone to meet! We met at the Bar Carey and it was perfect!
  5. MissJali: -The rehearsal dinner was NO CHARGE AT ALL! And it was awesome! -My bridemaids dresses are JORDAN color is VIOLET- I can't remember the actual style number but the dresses were $164 each and we paid for those and the groomsmen outfits!
  6. trivera5521: -I will upload my centerpiece asap! I bought a lot of the things at the dollar store and in bulk and they did not look cheap at all and ended up costing $75-$100 for all of the centerpieces! -We made specific playlists for our reception and told the DJ what songs we wanted played and told him to start his music for the dancing and he had really could music, the dance floor was full! We loaded over 3 hours worth of music and put it on shuffle. Put your walking in song on one playlist, first dance on another, etc. Worked out very well and he knew what he was doing -The Ibiza rooms are small ballrooms on the top level and near the Sante Fe steak house. No other resort guests would be in there, it was just our wedding guests. So great. We gave out our gifts then. -If you are paying for club premium (Which I highly recommend you do) you do your checkin in a completely separate area than everyone else and they upgraded us to an oceanfront club premium mastersuite. IT WAS HUGE! 2 bathrooms, livingroom, king bed, just amazing. I just asked if I could be upgraded and they said we already were. natalieblev: -We did not have a cocktail hour and I promise it isn't worth the extra $15 per head! Susana printed out an itinerary for my guests once we finished meeting and we just put a place for our guests to go for drinks while we waited for the train to take us to the bar higuey! The Bar Carey was where everyone went and it was perfect. I promise it isn't worth the extra money, if you are on a budget that is. -I paid for a hair trail $71 and it was well worth it. Just to put your mind at ease and I had the same girl do my hair on my wedding day and it was perfect. The girls don't speak great english but bring pictures and they can do anything, HONESTLY everyone of my bridesmaids were really happy!!! I did my own make-up. -The robes were really comfortable and a perfect touch!!! -We didn't do any excursions as a group but a few of our friends did go on a catermeran for the day and a day trip in to the town to see their way of life, they loved it. I went scuba diving! If you do book an exursion make sure you book through the transat office in the hotel, not through someone off the beach. It was considerably cheaper through transat. -No surprise costs, just make sure you have your deposit receipt because they tried charging us $600 extra when we already paid it. -No international costs, but just got home so if I notice anything I'll keep you posted MissJali: -I told them I wanted white lilies for me and purple for the girls! They didn't have purple lilies so they ended up spraying them purple and they looked really good!!! I was sooooo happy with how the purple looked on everyone! It was so complimenting. I am so excited for you too!!! -I didn't get a confirmation for the private rehersal dinner until a week before I left!!! They were so annoying in that way. Just email them now and ask for it!
  7. trivera5521- I responded to you but it is being reviewed for some reason so it will be posted shortly
  8. trivera5521: -I was really stressed out about people gauking at us during the ceremony but in the moment I wasn't even thinking about the people. There were definitely people watching but it wasn't nearly as bad as the gazebo. They clear all of the beach chairs away so the people can only come so close. I found that because our ceremony was at 5:00PM it was less crowded, if you can do that I would highly suggest the latest time possible. Also, it wasn't nearly as hot at 5:00PM. -We had the Trio playing as I walked down the aisle and it was AMAZING! They also play after the ceremony while pictures are being done. This is included in the Tangerine package. -REHERSAL DINNER: We had a private venue for our wedding rehersal in IBIZA 1 & IBIZA 2 which was a set menu at NO EXTRA CHARGE! We had 46 people and no restaurant will accomodate that large of a party all together so if I were you I would book it in one of those rooms as soon as possible and they will send you 2 menu options and you choose one. For that meal we chose: Caesar salad with shrimp, French onion soup, Striploin with Mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes SO GOOD!, and finally a chocolate souflee and everyone just loved the food. -RECEPTION: The bar higuey IS BEAUTIFUL!!! They do a fantastic job decorating the venue. I was in awe when I walked in. The meal was amazing- Fish with a yummy sauce, parmesean risotto and vegetables, Creme broulee. All very good food! The Cake was AMAZING! Vanilla with strawberry filling -We brought our own centerpieces because they seriously charge $65 per centerpiece which is ridiculous! That was the only downside to this at all was the wedding package and coordinator. They try and screw you with every little cost. Susana in my opinion was useless. I seriously met with her the day after we got there and my blood pressure was up by the end of it. So just let that go and everything will be fine. Everything was PERFECT though. We were seriously pissed because we wanted to add 1 extra hour so our wedding wouldn't be over at 10PM and they charged us $15 per/person and $238 for the DJ who played our music the whole time, which ended up being just under $1000. So we didn't tip the wedding coordinator, only the servers (Which were awesome). -Tropical pictures was AMAZING. We already have our photos and they are so beautiful. We didn't do the video package. Hope this helps! I'll upload some pictures!
  9. Just got back from our amazing wedding week!!! It was amazing! I can't express It enough. All of you that are planning away are going to be blown away! Our wedding was at the bar higuey And it was mind blowing! So beautiful! Our ceremony was on the beach and it was perfect! I strongly discourage getting married at the beach gazebo. It is in between the two main pools and is a major walkway for the entire day. Any specific questions feel free to ask!
  10. For the ladies that have already been were there IPOD speakers in the rooms? Just wondering if I should bring an IPOD dock or what!!! Thanks
  11. disazaja, I was directed to the spa through my WC Susana, but this is the email address for the spa. You should just email them directly and get that booked! She should send you a form to fill out of everything you want done and you email it back to her. I booked everything on the one form and confirmed everything at the same time. For example: 10 of us are having manis/pedis on one day, my hair trial, wedding day, massages and facials day after wedding. Be as specific as possible and provide the dates and times for each thing. Her name is Marija, email address is: bavaro.uspa-gte@bavaro.com. Once you've done this make sure you email Marija and your WC a month before you leave and confirm! Hope this helps:)
  12. I made my spa appointments in September and just confirmed those times and dates last week! I get married February 16th!!!!!
  13. Hi ladies! I'm getting married there in February! I love reading all of your input! Does anyone have pictures of the bar higuey or beach ceremony? Or wedding cakes that they had replicated? Thanks! And congratulations to you all:)
  14. Hi ladies! I don't know why you haven't been able to confirm your venues but I was given a written (email) from my WC with my ceremony date and time as well as my reception venue in the bar Higuey for February 16, 2013. I also gave my 30% deposit so maybe that has something to do with it! She never said anything about the possibility of having to move because of a convention. You would think that she would mention that? Anyways hope everything works out for you ladies and I'll keep you posted of anything I find out!!!
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