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December 2011 Brides

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Our wedding is Dec 3rd at the Paradisus Punta Cana resort in the dominican Republic.  So far about 37 have officially booked, there will probably be a few last minute people too.  I am shcoked at the turn out, I had told my travel agent that we would probably only get about 24-25 people max!!

I have tried the making my own Barefootm jewelry and its sooo east and sooo affordable.  I am making all my bridesmais a pair, and mother and mother in law... and of course myself. 

Does anyone have any good ideas for centre pieces?  I havent seen any that the resort has that i actually like, as well they are very expensive, so i was thinking of making my own and bringing them.  I absolutly love the msg in the bottle idea which i am doing for seating cards.

Should i be freaking out?? i do not have a dress yet, and havent started looking either!!! we are going to look at bridesmaid dresses tomoro.  Has anyone heard of HENKAA?? Its  a very versatile dress that can be converted to many styles so my bmaids can use the dresses again in the future.

so much to do!!!






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December 7th, 2011, Punta Cana DR ... Majestic Colonial .... less than 5 months left!! Getting down to the nitty gritty .... anyone done with the planifications .... where are you all at????

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5 months!  It is so close!  It feels like I have been engaged forever, so I am excited the wedding is finally coming! 


Here is where I am at....


1.  Have my dress.  It doesnt fit that well (bought the sample because it was what I loved and was being discontinued, so I told myself I could make it fit..... HA!), so I need to lose about 10 lbs still.  Fingers crossed!!!!


2.  Bridesmaids-- I told them the color, and just to get whatever dress they want in that shade.  They do not live in the same town as me, but they said they were going to go look this weekend.  Hopefully they can get some choices narrowed down and/or better yet, buy it so I dont have to think about it anymore.  My FI emailed his groomsmen the types of suits he wants them to wear, and hopefully they start looking/getting them as well.  I have a feeling our laid back attitude on the bridal party wear my end up in some last minute emergency mix-matchy ensemables.  Oh well.... 


3.  I did a site visit back in March, so I got my flowers/cake/DJ/steel pan band all booked then.  I haven't thought about menu or playlists yet. 


4.  Invitations came in the mail yesterday, so I hope to spend a few weekends this month getting them addressed and mailed.


5.  I have not done the program, or thought abotu table numbers/place cards, OTT bags, bridal party gifts.... and I am sure there a thousand other details that I am forgetting or dont even know about! Hopefully this forum enlightens me on what I should be doing and when.....


 Happy planning ladies! 

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Hey ladies! I am new to this site and am too a DECEMBER 2011 bride!!!! I am sooooo excited! My FH and I had'nt come up with a date until a few months ago because i'm starting Nursing school in August. So yes it has been really hectic around here. So we booked our wedding for December 17, 2011! Its MAJOR crunch time for us. I haven't decided if I want to have bridesmaids or not. Im still not sure If i want to deal. Anywho... what advice can you guys give freshly planning bride like myself??? Were getting married at Sandals Grande riviera Ochos Rios.

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Hi Sandjmod! I'm three days after you at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites.  :) Have you found the roll call and main forum for the Iberostar Rose Hall Resorts? 



This is where I'm at:


1) My dress is in and fits perfectly, I just need to hem the bottom up a little.


2) I have had a heck of a time trying to find a reception dress and shoes. I have my earrings and hairpiece, but no bracelet yet. I have yet to find my flower girl's dress yet, but have found some super cute shoes. :)


3) Finally just decided on my bridesmaids.... I have put it off because it was really hard to choose 2 friends who were going (we only have 18 going so we would have a pretty lopsided wedding if we had more). Still have yet to find or order their dresses. I make jewelry, so I'm going to make jewelry for the bridesmaids, flower girl, and maybe the moms.


4) I don't think I'm doing invites, since our STDs for the 15 people we know are coming should be enough. I just did my shutterfly cards today for where I want everyone to post pics, and I have yet to do programs, menus, and welcome letters/ books.


5) I have my photographer booked and am currently working on what I want for flowers and where I want to order them from. 


6) Have yet to decide if I want to do OOT bags or what I'm going to do for favors for the wedding.


So basically I really need to get on the bridesmaid's dresses and start working a little harder on the rest of my projects.

Love to hear where everyone else is with their planning!


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WOW, we seem to be at about the same place.... I haven't finished buying my bridesmaids dress... ( 1 has hers .. the other live in Africa and doesn't have it yet)

Flowergirl dress is bought however lots of alterations to do ... adding colored flowers etc...

Photographer is booked.

My dress I have .. however no alterations have been done yet.. going for that tomorrow... only thing I need to have done is in the bust area .. the length and everything else is going to be as is.

My OOT bags, the stuff inside is bought ... however I have the bags I bought the material doesn't allow me to iron on my logo .. ( they melt ) .. so i'm pretty discouraged about that .. cause i've bought bags twice now ... and don't want to spend again ... arghh....

Decorations for the wedding are bought ... wondering if I should splurge on an aisle runner ...and the tulle for the gazebo .. because the decoration package at the hotel goes for around 350$ .. and it has cost me 75$ so far ... maybe another 40$ ... so will find place in the luggage for those.

I just bought my bracelet last week .. so jewelery is done .. so is shoes... i'm now wondering if i'm getting a veil ... hadn't thought of that before but saw a bride with one underneath her " updo" and really loved it!

Groom .. cloths .. done

ring bearer .. cloths done .. ( not altered yet.. closer to the wedding date)

My bridesmaids is suppose to working on the centerpieces for the reception after the wedding... ( hmmm doubt that's started yet) lol

Oh yes.. and I haven't gotten groom nor bridesmaids gifts

Went to my makeup session and bought makeup for the wedding day...

Hairstyle appt is coming up in september for my wedding day updo..


So i'd say i'm about 75% finished .. wow .. i'm impressed with myself ... usually i'm way pessimistic !

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Hi Jacki,


I am also getting married in December but in Ixtapa, MEXICO! 


How is the wedding planning going?


I don't have much done yet because I feel there is still so much time.  Well I guess my procrastinating skills are the ones speaking right now.  Anyhow, hope everything is going well and if you have any suggestions please let me know!



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I have my dress! It's too big (yeah for celery!) I'm thinking to get it altered in September and final fitting in November.


I have the bridesmaids dresses ordered and flower girl ordered!


I bought my shoes!


I have my invitations, we just have to print them and mail them, Im hoping to do that after this weekend's pre-Jamaica party we are having at our house!


I have some flower quotes from Taiflora, but it seems like a lot of money for flowers that we are just going to look at for a couple of hours, so I might do candles or something. I have paper lanterns, some small star fish and sanddollars for the tables, turquoise table runners and I think I'm going to order turquoise personalized fans to put on the chairs for the ceremony in the sun!


The groom and his boys will sort out their own attire! (so I'm being told!)



I'm not doing OOT bags. I definately will not have space to bring them down there! My number keeps rising and we are currently at 60 and I haven't even sent out the real invitations yet!



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