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Just thought I'd post my STD and website to share. 




I loved the idea of vintage postcards, and found that in card shops they can be quite expensive. I web searched "vintage hawaiian postcards" and came across this fab online shop (based in Hawaii) that has some great hawaiian stuff on it. I found the staff there very helpful and it is very reasonably priced too....ended up paying 56 cents a postcard and my fiance printed our information with a laser printer at work (don't tell his boss!). I think the stamps cost more then the cards themselves! 




I thank everyone else who has posted a website because I wouldn't have found the wedding wire one otherwise. Wedding wire is a bit limited in how you can design it BUT since it's free I decided to just find something that would work. My maid of honour did the cartoons for me.....think that will be a theme for the rest of the wedding!


Hope you all like!



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