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  1. Hey ladies! A Jersey girl here! I am getting married May 22nd at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana, DR. Super excited as it is less than 6 months away! Woo hoo! I haven't bought much here in the area... I did get my dress from Klienfeld's! (No, I am not in the show.. lol). Other than that, I have mostly shopped online getting great ideas from this site! =)
  2. Hey! I was hoping to get in on the list for the blue starfish... My wedding date is May 22, 2011... I will be there from May 20-29th at the Paradisus palma real. THanks!
  3. http://www.weddingclipart.com/guide/bridal-showers/bridal-wishing-well.html we are doing this one... One of the oldest traditions is to use the well for small household items brought in addition to the main gift. Items such as stamps, batteries, or measuring spoons are ideal. The gifts are generally unwrapped, unlabeled, and opened after the shower, as they are meant to stock the newlywed's home. Other wishing well gift suggestions include cookbooks, a fancy corkscrew, or perhaps an accessory to each guest's main gift. Quote: Originally Posted by rbowman What is a wishing well gift?
  4. My Bridal shower invites arrived! They are amazing (not just because they are mine... lol) I absolutely love them... Merrilee was great to work with... her creativity, quickness, no pressure! there are so many great things I can say about her and I can't wait for my wedding invites to get here sometime next week! =) All done by: Merrilee from Modern Renaissance Her site: http://www.etsy.com/people/ModernRenaissance From Untitled Album
  5. Congrats and welcome to the forum! happy planning!
  6. Hey! Welcome! I am also a May 2011 bride! Happy planning!
  7. Congrats and Welcome to the Forum! Happy Planning!
  8. I ordered mine from Magnet street! It was super easy and I received them quickly! I will post mine up in the next few days!
  9. My wedding is in May 2011 and we booked our airfare in May 2010... I figured it wouldnt drop too much.. I have checked back occasionally and the prices have only varied $10... My hotel I booked with Liberty Travel, since they told me they would honor the lowest price any time... so I got the rate of $200 per night per person and if it happens to go on sale, then they will adjust the prices! Thus far, about 15 of us have booked! =)
  10. i know when i booked with the romance team I was also frustrated with the quotes for hotel pricing... especially since they do not offer group rates... so instead of fighting them, I knew I wanted my wedding there and booked the wedding with them... and found a travel agent for the hotel bookings... It worked out well with a rate of $200 per person all inclusive per night...
  11. Hey The reason you are subscribed to each and every one is because under the reply box there is a question that says: Get notified when others reply? It is usually set to Daily Digest... if you click the drop down, it will give you more options... So, if you didn't change a thing, and clicked on submit, then you are already subscribed without even realizing it! Hope this helps!
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