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Looking for hotels that offers Catholic on the Beach Weddings, any hints?

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Hi everyone,


my sister in law and her boyfriend want to get married on the beach with a catholic ceremony preferably in french.


We are from montreal, canada... So Cuba is the cheapest place to go if anyone knows a hotel that offers that, that could really save my 2012 budget !


Please let me know any other destination you know

Hotel Name + Country and City


thanks 1000 x for your help!

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Ladyanik - as far as I know, you can't have a Catholic ceremony any place other than a church. Many of the brides have had to make arrangements to have their ceremony offsite at a local church, and then return to their resort for the reception. Once you decide on your resort, the wedding coordinator should be able to help you with the planning. Alternatively, other couples who have done this should have some advice for you.

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